They call them Water Wipes…


I call them a baby bum’s best friend. 

So here I am, finally researching some cool products in the New Year while catching up with the blogging mothers’ community that is still here, very alive, trying to make sense of this abundant tricky and competitive mum & baby market. My baby wipes choice started with a cool mum’s recommendation, so I’m now pretty much decided never to let go of them, but here’s why… 

1. They are based only on natural products (the packaging claims it’s 99.9% water and 0.01% fruit extract)

They pretty much  look (and taste! ask my toddler) chemicals free, there are no fragrances, preservatives and are completely parabens free. So far, so good…


2. Cleverly trapped water when you need it.

Can’t stress enough on this. What can be more natural than pure water? Try and squeeze one wipe in your fist (they’re somehow soaked in so much water). Such a waste of goodness though when your better half is using them for other cleaning purposes such as wiping muddy shoes or dusty shelves…Yes, mine does that and I don’t like it!  

3. There’s a little something for mums too. Great make up remover.

Who would have guessed? I started using these the minute I got my hands on them! It’s quite funny as I did try a couple of times the baby ones before especially when I went travelling and forgot my make up remover at home (I have to admit, it did happen more than once, talking about baby brain…). But these make up removing Water Wipes are even more brilliant, they leave indeed no tight feeling on the skin. Put on your regular moisturiser after using them and you’ll be as good as new. 

4. Go compare! 

If still not convinced, go compare the ingredients list to the catalogue of chemical ingredients on the other wipes’ packaging (including the ones for the sensitive wipes brands). You’ll be amazed to see that you don’t understand most of them. Reading some of the long names can become pretty challenging too.


Last but not least, I should say that I’ve been product reviewing even before I got my toddler (consciously or unconsciously), or I should say, way before #allmumstalk started its fun journey. I was a tester like everyone of you: I was tring on products, yet when I wasn’t happy, I discarded it. But to be completely straightforward there are only a few products that I constantly use. One reason is the immense natural curiosity I’ve been born with therefore sticking with one shampoo or body wash is almost impossible. But when it comes to baby wipes, I started by using different brands, went for the regular, the posh, the clean presentation or chose the ones witha creative marketing campaign behind until I discovered the ones that are 99.9% water and 0.01% fruit extract. So eventually I gave up buying the wipes packages with funny ingredients names on or the ones that belong to companies which have been on the market long enough to afford fabulous marketing expenses; I chose instead the healthy version.


So, which ones are you using? And how did you decide on choosing them? Share your thoughts…

  1. Haha, I love when mothers get excited by these little things 😉 What about the facial ones for us, did you try them? I recently discovered them and they are just as cool as the baby wipes 🙂 thanks for sharing your thoughts Mads xx

  2. Oh Ally, I totally agree. Discovered these for my second one and never looked back! It’s not easy to get excited by wipes but these are different 👍🏽

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