Notes to my growing older son…


It seems like just three winks ago they put you in my numb and tired arms so you could have it easier and make me smile in awe at you. Your itsy-bitsy perfect toes and fingers stole my glee intoxicated heart. Few seconds later you even dared to turn one without asking for my permission. Today you turn two and without any remorse you’re still making me squeeze out tears, although, as your growing older mother, I will never accept this callous passing of time and its only one significance: you not being a baby anymore.

So here you have, my darling, a few life notes to use while rowing your boat through life, all coming from this rocky blend of a constant overwhelming happiness to millions of unwanted aching worries and the occasional motherhood consumption I had chosen to rapturously go through since the very moment I first laid my teary eyes on you.


What goes around comes back around; what goes up must come down. Be careful with the vibes you’re spreading.

2. Hug your troubles

…by not allowing despair to manage you…

3. Kiss your worries

…by not letting them take over your day…

4. Surrender yourself with the wise minds of experienced people. 

They help you uncomplicate puzzling things and feelings.

5. Appearances are skin deep.

Know when and whom to judge. Never rush into becoming the judge.

6. See the goodness in each and one of us.

Find a way to make everyone else see it too.

7. Don’t force anyone to change for you. Don’t change for anyone.

Yet always strive to be better than your best.

8. Go see the world.

There’s so much beauty in it to be explored. Learn from it.

9. Thank you and please.

At all times. To everyone.

10. Marry someone who could diminish your dark side.

We all have a dark side, but not everyone can handle it.

11. Live in the moment like a child.

Living in the present people are happier than the ones living in the past or planning too much ahead.

12. Respect the gift of time.

…by not wasting it.

13. Appreciate a good Mozart moment.

It can replace expensive therapy sessions.

14. Be good to yourself.

Take daily care of yourself.

15. Treat women kindly.

You’ve being raised by them, will grow older with them, may raise them one day.

16. Asking for help won’t make you look weak.

It’s a mandatory life lesson towards success.

17. Harbour a happy childhood for your future children.

It may be the hardest thing to do, yet the most fulfilling.

18. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Don’t be one of them.

19. Don’t get burnt twice by the same flame. 

Try and don’t repeat mistakes.

20. Treat life with excitement.

As the little time we have on Earth is precious.

21. Don’t make any big decisions when you’re tired or upset.

It’s crucial. For better chances to make the right call, you’d need a clear mind.

22. Don’t neglect true friendship when you find it.

Dreams may change, but genuine people will be there to support you. Do the same for them.

23. Love immensely.

Love intensely.

24. Treasure all the little things.

They will be your truck & train toys which bring you so much joy today…

25. Laugh often.

Laugh more.

26. Never give up…

On something you love.

27. Keep close to your family.

…because the best things in life aren’t things…

28. We rise by lifting others.

Give a helping hand to the ones who need it more.

29. Forgive. 

Don’t hold grudges against the ones that make mistakes. We all do.

30. Buy flowers for your mother.

Not for the 70 something hours of fun delightful labour she forgot the moment she heard your sirenic voice, nor for the endless sleepless nights when you wouldn’t dose unless rocked and rocked and rocked and rocked, yet for all those pretty dresses which were ruined by the cruel beetroot pure you and the kitchen walls used to enjoy so much…

I, as your one and only mother, am not only responsible for the food you see on the kitchen table, for the school you go to or for the tiny roof above your head. I am accountable for shaping your soul, for guiding you while you’re choosing your own path towards adulthood and hopefully inspiring the ones around you.

No matter how tall you get…I’ll do my very best not to change you to my selfish needs and wishes or my occasional liking, but help you grow your wings until you’re ready to fly away from this colourful cosy nest we’re building for you…And if you’re sometimes upset with me or daddy for any silly reason you can find, remember you didn’t come with an instructions book, so we’re doing our best to raise you, tiny human. Remain patient, you’ll understand more when you get your own bundle of sparkling joy and source of worries…

Your skittish hopeful loving mum

Thank you, Anna Pawleta for another cool photoshoot only you could pull off on such moody British winter weather! x


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