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Little excited me more than the Stokke Sleepi delivery a few months back and the recent shop launch in London. But there’s a long list of reasons for which I decided to write this review, the clever and gorgeous design of the crib being only one of them.


The oval shape

Suitable from newborn to children at the age of ten with crib conversion kits, Sleepi is by a mile the best we’ve owned – I’ve learnt that the ergonomic oval design is not random, but it is specially designed to mimic the shape of the womb. Our first born outgrew a cot and two cribs; at one point he spent more time in a travel cot before moving into our bed (which, to be completely honest, I don’t believe he thinks of leaving any time soon).


This crib that grows with your child…

Parents often tend to invest a lot in things they only use for a little while, which they have to shortly dispose of, so no wonder they often feel a little frustrated about how fast the children grow. I’m by all means one of them.

That’s why I am always on the hunt for smart products that grow with our children, hence our toddler’s ‘3 in 1 bike that grows’ review both Justin @alldadstalk and I recently shared. The first stage – the Sleepi Mini featured here, is designed to be babies’ first crib from birth up until they’re 6 months. Once reaching this milestone, with the Stokke Sleepi bed extension kit, the crib converts into a bigger crib suitable until they’re 3 years old. When the little one gets to the climbing stage you then take the side down for them to get in and out of bed with ease, and trust me, I remember this from my experience with Lucas, your back will be extremely grateful!


Crib accessories

During the day I add lots of little cushions and toys for her to play with (any good excuse for all the nursery insta stories too!). Yet it’s true, the crib is so versatile, it can be styled with optional textiles and accessories like this canopy featured in the photos below. I like the built-in canopy rod which I’m using to hang the hearts mobile she loved staring at ever since she was a few days old and the Humming Bear to help her with her sleep at night.

The mattress

Another winning point is the mattress which is made of hypoallergenic, durable PU foam, known for its pressure resistant qualities. I’ve also read that the foam has grooves on the bottom to maximize air flow. It has a softly quilted cotton cover with stretch mesh underneath which makes it easily be removed for washing.

One of the features I’m also very excited about are the removable side rails for easy access to the crib, so Amelie, once she’s a confident toddler, can benefit from.

Nonetheless some of my other favourite Sleepi features include lockable swivel wheels and height adjustable mattress base which my other half installed effortlessly (after 20 minutes of reading instructions and keeping the toddler from mixing the screws). I bought a few fitted sheets for both mattress sizes, yet I came to realise that a couple of large muslins can do the replacement trick when running out of clean sheets like I always do (despite the washing machine being on every single day!).

 We’ll be able to move onto the Junior Stokke Sleepi in no time, with a new extension kit which turns the crib into a junior bed, lasting Amelie until she’s 10 (if meanwhile Lucas won’t claim the bed for himself!).


Eventually more than a crib…

Last, but not least, guess what! The bed can even be taken apart and turned into two stylish chairs! Because Stokke is a brand that believes in products that grow with the family (like their brilliant high chairs my mum friends keep bragging about) so they even go the extra mile looking into options for their products to turn into useful pieces of furniture once the last stage is outgrown.

Thanks Anna Pawleta Photography for all the pixels and giggles during our photoshoot!


You can now find Stokke in London (Westfield, White City) hurray!

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