Family cycling with Thule & Bobbin



…the bicycle has a soul. If you succeed to love it, it will give you emotions that you will never forget!


You know cycling has been a big part of our family’s trying to keep active lifestyle (and pretty much the only workout I truly enjoy!).

When we don’t stay locally, we get our car bike rack out and drive to woodland areas or cities like London and Oxford, often with a treasure map in our hand! It’s often an adventure, not only for them, 

Thule as a brand has been a favourite a long time before the kiddies came along, yet you’ll now see even more Thule gear making our family life easier. The Thule EasyFold XT 3 bike rack we are currently using (and been using for the past 4 years) is brilliant in many ways. My other half wrote a more technical review here but I can easily say that this is surely super easy to fold, or unfold and get it on the car, and even I can do it! I, the clumsiest person you might ever come across 😉

First things first.

Here we are testing new kids’ bikes from Bobbin Bicycles which they love! According to my other half they’re lighter than most bikes they previously had, especially the balance bike which Philip loves. All we need now is a looong summer and lots of road trips!

Three main reasons why they work for us:

1. Just like the Thule bike rack which was pretty effortless to put together, these bikes were easy and quick to assemble. Although we did put together a few types of bikes before, this was a fast process and Justin actually recorded the experience with each one of the kids’ bikes.

2. They are such beautiful bikes! Thé vintage-y look is everything! I’m obsessed with Lucas’ mustardy coloured bike! There’s an adult folding bike in the exact same colour which I’m eyeing at the moment, so popular that it’s out of stock for now, but I’m keeping an eye on it 😉

3. The cute accessories: little details helmets, cute baskets! Who knew you actually needed one to put your fresh wild flowers in, Amelie is a happy girl.

The kids are wearing Bobux season after season, new styles have been added here.
Also matching in FrugiThey’ve recently celebrated their 18th anniversary, so here’s to more green labels!  

Here’s to rolling into the best days of summer!

Does your favourite family activity include a bike? 😉

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