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Two things my three and a half toddler won’t share with anyone in the morning: his Banana Berry Oats and Honey Spelt Puffs from the new kids’ range at Rude Health Kids. Obviously, I’m being way too optimistic here, the list of all things he wouldn’t share is rather endless (but for the puffs I do have to fight for, you know, while blaming pregnancy cravings!).

I know that for the past two years I’ve mentioned Rude Health so many times, but only because this brand has been taking over my kitchen cupboards, from porridge to cereals, plant milks and bars, all being updated weekly on my Ocado shopping list.

Nonetheless, I just got the latest update: Rude Health Kids’ range is now coming to a supermarket near you: in Waitrose from end of August 2017 and Sainsbury’s from end of July 2017.

The fab team behind the brand describes it as Easy as 1, 2, 3 – 1 new cereal, 2 ways to enjoy, 3 organic ingredients. Organic. Vegan. Refined sugar-free. As a parent, I do want my child to start his day off with a healthy and nutritious breakfast but I somehow understand his frustration when he doesn’t find it interesting enough (I know I cry over burnt toast and spilt milk, but get it wrong and the kid wouldn’t be scared to throw a massive ‘good morning, mama’ tantrum!). These tiny humans need all the entertainment we can offer to keep them interested and cultivate their imagination and the fun Owl and Mouse characters are doing their magic each morning. Banana Berry Oats can be served hot or cold, either perfect as porridge or marvellous as muesli (my husband’s back up resource when running out of his 5 seeds porridge favourite).

RH: We use superfine oats, so they become soft instantly (like bircher) when you pour either hot or cold milk on top. No need to soak. No need to cook. No need to wash up. Win, win, win. Kids can therefore easily make a truly sustaining breakfast themselves, which will keep them in rude health throughout the day.

Banana Berry Oats are made with only 3 organic ingredients: oats (89%), banana (10%) and raspberry (1%) and we’ve kept the natural sugar content low, 7.8g per 100g (from the fruit). A lip-smackingly delicious combination that tastes like a treat but will keep parents happy.

As with all of our children’s range, our illustrated characters Owl and Mouse will be popping up on the box. This entertaining pair were thought up by Nick and Camilla’s children, Max and Emily, on holiday to describe Nick and Camilla. Mouse is a bit like Camilla, and Owl is based on Nick (more on motherhood in Rude Health and a great interview with Camilla here).

Before I forget, I have to mention that we just visited the coolest breakfast spot, too: the Rude Heath Cafe in Fulham. You’ll hear more on this when AllMumsTalk will be officially launching the London Mums’ guide. Meanwhile enjoy Anna Pawleta‘s visual treats!


Current Stockists: Rude Health‘s, Ocado


P.S. This article is not a sponsored piece, it’s in fact the result of almost two years of massively loaded kitchen cupboard with all day Rude Health treats for the entire family I thought I should share…:)


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