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London-based, family-owned business, co-founded and led by wife and husband Camilla and Nick Barnard, Rude Health is by all means the owner of my favourite breakfast items (which incidentally happens to be the healthiest and best packaged treats from my kitchen cupboard!). Hence, there’s no mystery why I wanted to learn more about the ones who, during their past 10-year journey, managed to creatively mix the organic and the natural with the smartest of marketing (while understanding that food in this country is fashion-led so the presentation has to be spot on – well, they’ve nailed it).

A little while ago I met Co-Founder and Marketing Director Camilla Barnard in her very own work environment (if you ask me, a rather cozy office in Fulham where, by the way, I found no rude chaps or cold corporate vibes attached ;), rather a large open space with the chummiest of teams and lots of the Rude Health goodies scattered around a fun testing area – merry benefits for the lucky team, right?). As I learnt that she’s also a proud mother of two, I asked Camilla to share some of her honest tips and tricks on her motherhood journeys to success. Here it is…

On motherhood and brave career changes…

1. Motherhood is a game changer. Was this the main reason behind pursuing a career you’ve creatively developed on your own?

Rude Health is the same age as my second child, so the business and my children are growing up together. With the benefit of hindsight I’m not sure it’s the best idea to start everything at once, but it was a decision made at the stage of peak sleep deprivation, so it wasn’t rational. And it has turned out incredibly well, so I can recommend doing what you want, even if it isn’t the easiest choice.

Source: Rude Health

2. How does a regular day of Camilla Barnard look like?

During term time, the first hour is all about getting everyone dressed and downstairs in time to have a good breakfast. We treat it as a sit down meal that takes up half of that first hour. Clearing up happens after the children have gone to school, then I go to the office or to a meeting. Today I’ve met a possible new recruit, developed the copy for our export packs, planned the publicity for the new Cashew Drink, which is about to launch, and written a couple of marketing pieces. I finish earlier so that I can collect the children from school. It shortens my working day and it’s a privilege to be able to choose to spend that time with the children. I’ll be back on the emails after they’re in bed.

Source: Rude Health blog

3. The balance between being Rude Health’s owner and a good mum must have a lot to do with a healthy time management and a bit of discipline. Could you briefly share your own key tips on improving the efficiency of a busy mum’s daily schedule?

Don’t beat yourself up! I have yet to meet anyone who believes they’ve got this time management thing sorted. I still haven’t and I’ve been trying for 10 years. It’s definitely easier now that both the children and business are older. I no longer need to take my computer on holiday, and the Rude Health team doesn’t need my involvement in everything. In fact they probably don’t want it – this is a good thing.

Source: Tessa Stuart

4. Today so many of us may experience periods of low confidence when motherhood kicks in, especially when a career change is also involved. What would you advise mothers to do in order to overcome this and pursue their dreams as you have successfully done?

Spend time around people in a similar situation, and work with them too. Other mothers are very likely to be in the same position as you. I’d also say “don’t beat yourself up” again. It’s so easy to think you should be doing everything. What’s important is what you want to do, and then taking small, manageable steps towards that. When you’ve recently had a baby the steps may be smaller than you’re used to, and that’s OK.

Source: Graphic Mill

5. Which are the 3 ‘I got this from my mama’ lessons you’d like your tiny humans to learn from you and proudly use later in their adult lives?

You mean apart from my Einstein brain, model looks and endless good humour? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

Rude Health Co-founders Camilla and Nick Barnard

6. Your favourite food is…

So many, I love to eat Japanese food when I’m out because I’ve loved it ever since spending a year in Japan and it can be so fiddly to make.

Rude Health

7. Your favourite inspirational quote is…

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford).
The kids love this one:
Life is like a sewer, what you get out, depends on what you put in (Tom Lehrer)

8. What has motherhood been teaching you and your favourite motherhoody perks are…

The children always pick up on my mood, so if I’m distracted or thinking about work while I’m with them, they will know it, and it will affect their behaviour. This has really helped me to focus clearly on what I’m doing when I’m doing it, whether that’s getting something done or being with the children. And it’s much more fun than being distracted.

Source: Rude Health

9. Finally, what should we expect next from Rude Health?

More children’s cereals coming soon. I’m so pleased that the Honey Spelt Puffs are proving popular as it means we can go ahead with another cereal in the Autumn. Creating the packs with the Mouse & Owl characters is one of my favourite things to do.

Source: Graphic Mill

Camilla is by all means one good London mum story of success mums should to keep an eye on.

If you wish to become a breakfast queen (like I did since I’ve discovered RH), you can follow lots of healthy and creative recipes on their website here (I love getting my daily updates and splash of colour directly from Rude Health’s insta here!)

…mums and bumps, don’t forget to…

…eat right and stay brilliant!


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