Welcome to AllMumsTalk

Thankfully enough there is no tear-jerking story behind my reasons of creating AllMumsTalk which has been founded from the honest perspective of a London mum who ditched a satisfying office job in the luxury hospitality market in order to chase the flexible hours dream. Four years and 2 children later, this is still in a constant battle while trying to do ‘work that works’ around the tiny humans.

Yet it also did happen that along the way I crossed paths with too many amazing mum figures and fascinating women to whom, too, motherhood is a mix of blissfulness and wobbly feelings (it’s rather easy to get yourself trapped in every day’s madness when you become a parent)…

So here I am, writing to you and often about you, inspiring ones…

Soon to launch AllMums.Shop, watch this space…

For any questions or collaborations please email me on hello@allmumstalk.com

Ania Pawleta Photography