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Sometimes life has a funny way of delivering news to us. A few weeks back I had the 20 weeks anomaly scan which was also meant to reveal the gender of the baby, but this time I didn’t want to find out. I had my theory that my labour would be easier if I focus on this unknown detail – contemplaiting on the baby’s gender (probably silly enough to forget everything when that first contraction kicks in!). Yet, things don’t always go as planned. Both my husband and our toddler joined me for the check up and, of course, the curiosity was part of the game so Justin needed to find out. Despite the fact that he had a poker face for the following couple of weeks, the toddler woke up one morning and greeted the bump: ‘Good morning, little bump sis!’. Then he went back to sleep while I remained bouche bée, comme le disent les Français (I didn’t even dared to comprehend that a 3 year old would get the conversation between the sonographer and my husband; it turns out he got the hint).


So here I am having the best excuse to throw myself an Alice in Wonderland baby shower – one of my ever favourite party themes I never got to play with (despite reading the book a zillion times during childhood and teenage years).



I wasn’t sure where to start, but when you surround yourself with a great bunch of people, anything is possible. I started drafting the event with my friend at Bohemian Dreams which is a tiny shop with a magic Pinterest heart in Queen’s Park. Once you enter, you immediately find yourself down the very rabbit’s hole. Candelabras, tea pots, tea cups, bird cages, vintage designs and flower pots, I had to have it all!


Yet the set up wouldn’t have been completed without the fine work of Dawid and Elias at Princess and Ko who I previously met during a brilliant terrarium workshop at the Hello Fresh headquarters. Dawid came early in the morning in his yellow van full of eye treats and gorgeous scents. He took the candelabras, tea pots and bird cages and turned them into the perfect props for an Alice in Wonderland theme using a variety of blooms: from sea holly and roses to moss, orchids and stunning allium. It was indeed a feast for the eyes!



After moving half of my furniture in the garden, we started decorating the trees with a few last minute Amazon props (the perks of being Prime!). Giant cards did the trick and then came the cake: pink (although I always said I’d stay away from these cliche colours)! Still yes, she’s a girl alright! 😉 Despite the fact that my toddler refused to wear anything that would go along with the theme (instead he went for Crocs wellies, a messy shirt which probably was already a size smaller, and camouflage shorts because he must think the Mad Hatter is some kind of a modern soldier) my other half had a personalised tee by the lovely guys behind Enry Print (must mention the smooth process of pitching ideas to them plus speedy delivery). The tee, as part of the gender reveal featuring father of son on the back and father of daughter on the front, was a great prop to put a smile on people’s face.

Here’s the photo gallery top picks Ania at Anna Pawleta Photography surprised me with (once more!)


Princess and Ko bird cage flower arrangement

A very rare glimpse of Anna Pawleta herself
Princess and Ko roses and allium arrangement
AllDasTalk in Enry Print customised tee
AllDadsTalk by Anna Pawleta Photography
Zaccys Espadrilles


I must also add that I was wearing the most comfortable Zaccys pair of espadrilles; behind this delightful brand there’s an amazing mum who is strongly supporting two charities through her work (watch this space for much more, an interview and a competition with a brilliant giveaway are about to make some feet really happy ;).

My maternity dress is a last minute purchase from ASOS. 

Any tips when it comes to organising events where children are part of the game? This was the hardest part for me when it came to keep them busy, away from disturbing the flower arrangements and far from the sweet treats…I still haven’t nailed this! 

Aly x 


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