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…in maternity photography 

You must already know how much I enjoy this subject considering I’m still on it! I’m so thrilled to have come back with proffesional advice this time! I had the pleasure of spending some quality time chatting away with the beautiful Ioana Bica, a cool photographer with a great amount of talent and passion for her job. She’s all about surprising her subject’s raw emotions while capturing the inner beauty of each moment spent behind the lense. 

Here’s a photographer’s true confession & useful tips…


1. Why did you choose photography?  

Why? I’m not quite sure, I like to believe photography chose me instead. It may be my father’s creative gene he passed onto me. He has an artistic side. Photography is though my way of relaxing and if you’re relaxed at work, life is beautiful 😉


2. How would you describe your style?

I could say my personal style is playful and natural so I can avoid calling it simple, as a general rule I don’t like to unnecessarily overcomplicate things. I love surprising people during their most natural behaviour. It’s true though that I prepare for photoshoots by planning every detail in advance, sourcing or buying all types of accessories or objects I may want to use in order to help creating the best memories for my clients. I, very often, end up with a mountain of things I have to carry around plus the photo gear which is not easy to carry! But it’s fun…


3. Speaking about maternity photography, why do you encourage women to get themselves & their belly professionally photographed? 

Pregnancy I believe is the most wonderful and special glowing period in women’s life. This shouldn’t be neglected and it should definitely be immortalised. I truly believe a woman’s peak of beauty is reached during pregnancy. It’s simply beautiful. Why wouldn’t want you to immortalise it?


4. What are the challenges in working with young models (new born, toddler, child models)?

Both babies and older children are indeed my biggest challenge. Why is that? Because they are all so natural and playful therefore you must capture their essence exactly like that. I can say sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do it because they can be so impredictable. However the result is absolutely amazing especially when you read the happiness on their parents’ faces. 


5. How do you bond with your subject? Is it always easy to make them engage and ease for the photoshoot?

I can say it may be a little challenging to make people you never met before enter a comfort relaxing zone; not to mention that when you bring the camera into play you may end up getting them into a complete inhibiting mode. Therefore it’s extremely important the communication approach the photographer chooses. It’s necessary that I, as a photographer, would put myself in their shoes first and try to create a friendly bond. The first shots are always a bit more difficult, but in order to get them relaxed I show them a few pictures which eventually makes them more confident.


6. Which are your top tips in family photography you’d like to share with mums? 

First of all the mother should be completely at ease. The time before the photoshoot is very important and this should be dedicated only to getting herself into a peaceful mood. She should try and be as natural as she can, wear the most comfortable outfits and always helps bringing along a loving fun daddy-to-be with a good sense of humour ;). Let’s not forget the tiny baby outfits end accessories – they give a personal touch to the photographs. 


7. Share your critic eye recommendations for mums or mums-to-be when it comes to creating the perfect family album.

The perfect album is the one you create with the help of your loved ones. Discuss the timing for a photoshoot with your photographer, show him or her what you are fond of: places, colours, objects etc. Create together a story which you know will put smiles on your face after years and years of checking out the album while re-living the first parenthood moments.  Give yourself a little extra time when it comes to your photos, don’t rush, don’t be impatient. Don’t try to get into characters which have nothing to do with your personality just because you found them cute on someone else and think it could a good idea copying it. During the photoshoot, run around, play, be romantic and love each other. <3 


8. Where do you take your inspiration from? 

Well, every day is different. I often check out the industry’s websites, sometimes follow the great creative famous photographs’ tips. But most likely a single object or a conversation with a future mum can do the trick for me. I try as much as possible to keep everything in an agenda so I can create unforgettable shots while creating an original story. 


9. How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Not very to be honest. As I said, I’d like to keep the natural as intact as possible. I don’t want people to watch some extremely retouched shots and not be able to find themselves in them. Why would you like an image of you not reflecting reality? I believe time around the loved ones makes us more beautiful and photogenic. Extreme retouching is for fashion photographers. The only editing I’m doing is lightening, contrasting or colours related. 


10. What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest thing for me (and most photographers I guess) is not to repeat yourself. Especially when you’re photo shooting the same theme over and over again. That’s why it’s extremely important to put down the paper your ideas, a successful method I recently discovered! Actually I’ve been told about it by the person who supports me and makes me more confident each day: my fiancé. We are both photographers and we both try to grow and learn as much as we can. There’s always something to learn in this industry and us, photographers, have to strive and do something new as often as possible.  

More about Ioana
I like to believe that for a little while I’m the one able to stop time in order to offer it to my client while creating special memories and images that will last forever. You get a very satisfying feeling when creating events full of emotions for others. 

My passion for photography is not only a hobby, but a way of living my life too which makes me feel fulfilled when I see my them smiling (as it means I realised what I planned for). 

For more tips, jobs or ideas, you can get in touch with her blog or follow her on Facebook (Ioana Bica Photography).

Any photography subjects you’d like me to uncover? Let me know and I’ll get the professionals for you and your family 😉


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