8 Cool Maternity Photography Ideas

Snapshot the belly, create memories – 8 fun ways to capture the curves x

Maternity photography is becoming an increasingly popular trend in this field. Since Demi Moore, who probably was the one to set the tone when sharing her baby bump nude figure on the cover of Vanity Fair, women seem to have found the confidence and desire to capture this amazingly beautiful experience and transform it into visual memories. Here you have some of my very favourite poses and ideas for capturing the belly magic…


1. Curves, veils, fans 

Veils are an amazing trick to highlight the beautiful curves of your pregnant shape. Trust me, although a professional photographer will get the best shot in his or her perfectly equipped studio, this is something you can try for fun at the comfort of your own home.  You’ll be surprised to see how cool and colourful the shots may get. Maybe try this on your baby shower with the help of your friends? 


2. Siblings – most welcome

If it’s not your first pregnancy, invite your other children to be part of the photoshoot. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as much as you will. Let the photographer capture the curiosity and eagerness over the one soon-to-be-met you all must be sharing! 

3. Tiny treats

Offer yourself a glimpse of what you’re expecting. Tiny clothing articles look great next to your perfectly round belly. Or toys. The choice is yours 🙂

4. In his shirt 

always find men’s shirt so alluring for one reason or another. I even love wearing one once in a while around the house, but personally believe it’s the best outfit for a baby bump snapshot. Don’t you? 

5. Belly hand trio love 

Hands on the belly! Show off belly buttons, engagement & wedding rings! Start working on creating the image of the moment when you are holding your bundle of joy with the very same hands…Magic, isn’t it?

6. Mother Nature 

There’s nothing more inspiring than mothers sharing emotions with the very Mother Nature. Choose a beach, the woods, a meadow or a green park, breath in and let the photographer get the best of you…

7. C’est Boudoir 

Why not? If you feel comfortable and enjoy every bit of pregnancy, then this is for you. Love your round shaped body, you’ll soon miss it. Boudoir maternity shots can make great memories over the years…

8. The simple touch light

All mums and mums-to-be must have at least a snot of themselves where the belly and their radiant facial beauty are highlighted through contrast lightening. Oh, if you didn’t figure it out already (I finally got the courage to admit!), that’s me again in the photo 😉 – the mum behind the website who started talking & stalking on allmumstalk x
Ok, beautiful mums, share your favourite shots of your amazing bodies! Go on, inspire others!


P. S. All mums talk, but cool mums snap 😉



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