Postcard your holiday! 9 beach photo ideas…


If you didn’t hit the beach yet, there’s good news. You can now improve your summer photo album by only using your smart phone. Here you have 9 ways of possibly creating the coolest postcard to send off to your relatives and friends, so spread some holiday jealousy!

1. Sand writing.  

We all love doing this when we get to the seaside. If it’s not you scribbling, get your toddler. Or a pretend-writing-toddler. Capture the moment! 


2. Toys 

I know, if you go on full family holidays, you must carry around lots of toys. But they make a cool tool for cool snaphots, so get your phone ready. 


3. Hide into the bucket  

I must admit I stole two things to get this picture: the idea from Pintrest and my toddler’s bucket. But it’s a lot of fun capturing the right moment. 


4. Tiny and not so tiny toes 

What better way of capturing the age of children? Or show off a good pedicure? 😉 While the wave is hitting the beach…


5. Sunset silhouettes 

I’ll always be fond of summer beach sunsets. There’s no better, more beautiful or romantic way of capturing silhouettes…Get creative!


6. Sand faces 

Admit it, this one is pretty fun. Five seconds prep and your postcard is ready to go. Maybe don’t send it to your work boss? ;))


7. The newspaper live article 

Possibly my favourite beach snapshot. Get creative, read the newspaper then ‘write’ a cool article on the beach…


8. Bum in the sand

When holidaying with toddlers, you know it’s all about them and their needs. So you may tend to forget to capture the beautiful moments together. I think this is pretty cool 😉   

9. Hit the wave

What’s more fun than capturing the happiness in your child when the sea is showing off cool waves? Capture it, postcard it. 


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