High tea, anyone?

Tea & 150 years of history

The Langham London – a piece of London’s history puzzle

This magical spot in the heart of London is one of my top favourite places in this amazingly beautiful city. It opened its doors in 1865 which exactly 150 years ago and it’s so much more than a hotel. It’s the first place to serve the so very popular British tradition of afternoon tea, and if this is not enough, one must know it’s been the first Grand hotel of Europe.

The Langham became more and more popular throughout the time as it was the first place to offer luxury touches such as the electric lighting and hydraulic lifts. Also, after its grand opening by the Prince of Wales (who later became Edward VII) on 10 June 1865, it started to become increasingly renowned for what were at the time luxurious touches, such as electric lighting and hydraulic lifts. 

The hotel used to be one of the top high-class venues preferred by some of the great minds such as Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, the exiled French emperor Louis-Napoleon III and Charles Dickens; today the rich and famous are still the ones to walk down its grand corridors, Lady Gaga being one of them to come and celebrate the hotel’s anniversary in style. 

Celebrity pastry chef Cherish Finden next to the one and only Lady Gaga
Photo credit: Instagram, user: Langham London  

The hotel is home to the Artesian bar, voted last year’s world’s best bar, the Palm Court, where afternoon tea is served and Roux at the Landau, the best restaurant where you can indulge yourself with an excellent dining experience. And yes, the Roux father and son’s creativity (Michel and Albert Roux) is behind the tasty menu.  

Photo credit: the Telegraph  

Why am I sharing this with you today? Well, you cool mums of London, should know this gorgeous place is extremely baby, child and family friendly. The staff is impeccable and extremely helpful and politec (I’m secretely taking all my vising friends whenever I get the chance, there’s always an excuse for tea!)

The Langham, London

Photo credit: Instagram Langham London 

Tea anyone?

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