The ‘You May Now Give Up the Guilty Feeling’ Dessert

No guilty feelings kitchen mum

If you’re a convinced sweet tooth and feel you can’t help it despite your honest efforts and coooonstantly keep on cheating, then at least do it well! 😉 

Get yourself into the habit of choosing the right snacks and dessert treats. My newest trick in choosing better healthier sweet moments (while not compromising on taste and presentation) is this: if it’s good for your baby, then it must be good for you too. So this is one of the family’s current most popular treat: popped quinoa.

There are two ways you can get popped quinoa: either you buy it (I often order mine online as it’s not always the easiest item to find on the shelves of the supermarkets) or you do it yourself (just popped some half an hour ago!). Don’t worry, it’s not treaky to do it, it’s pretty much like doing popcorn. The consistency will be a bit denser as not all tiny seeds open completely or get as light as air popped ones that come in the box, but the toasted nutty taste is actually a plus for me. 

Check out popping quinoa method and other tips on how to choose popped quinoa from the creative London supper clubber I recently discovered (also a talented blogger while training to be a nutritionist and dietitian) glutten free Rosie

Recipe – raw chocolate quinoa crispy cupcake

Ingredients (for about 20 cupcake size treats like the one in the picture below, still, people, don’t eat them all at once as I just did! Sharing is caring…)

  • 80gr of popped quinoa (that works as about 2 cups)
  • 5 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder (raw is amazing, however you can use the regular one borrowed from your neighbour if your ingredient shopping is not really up to date, but only this time!)
  • 5 tablespoons of raw coconut oil (I sometimes use a tiny bit more as I love the coconuty flavour)
  • 5 tablespoons of honey, maple syrup or agave nectar (I’m a huge fan of honey so I tend to overuse this in anything and everything) 
  • Cupcakes cases (for a cute presentation get the colourful quirky colours, I had to use plain ones – good resourceful neighbours I have! – as the nice cases were today my toddler’s kitchen fun replacing toys)

I’ve read about recipes where chefs like to add nut butter for extra flavour, but for me the subtle nutty toastie flavour home popped quinoa already has is pretty yummy as it is. 


Easy peasy lemon…squeeze everything into the pan! Hold on the quinoa seeds for now though. Heat it gently until everything gets nicely melted. Time to add the quinoa goodness, stir everything up and get scooping until you get to this:

Apologies for the low resolution phone photos, but really, there was no way I had the patience to get the camera, so I chose to dig in before Lucas would finish them all off!

If your loved ones finish them off, it’s a good sign. And the reason why you’re more than a good mum. You’re a cool mum 😉


Any ideas of healthy tricks? Share with us!



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