7 fun unexpensive ways to get him happy on Father’s Day

While Father’s Day is just around the corner…

Indeed, a big celebration day is coming up and we all need to intensely and creatively prepare for it. He deserves it after being such good sport and a great help around the house for one straight full year (even if sometimes he was mostly helping you out mentally by sending good thoughts to ease on your vacuuming time or changing a nappy while joggling the remote control and a bottle of beer). Don’t worry, just get your creativity out of the box, get inspired by your crafty children, get the stationary gear ready and start working on those cool ideas you kept pinning! 

Here are my top seven creative totally unexpensive ways to make his day a special one…

1. The one and only card

It’s Britain, we love cards around here so get your little helpers show off some paper & scissors cutting skills. If they didn’t already borrowed lots of cool ideas from the nursery, get on Pintrest for a little bit of inspiration or ask your little ones to write down the first few thoughts about what their dad means to them. You may be surprised with some of the creative answers! (Click here for more awesome ideas)

  Photo credit: Pintrest 

2. The superhero

Make this day a bit more unforgettable, give him enough conversational stuff for future encounters with his lads at the pub. What, you think men have better manly subjects to enjoy when going out for a pint? No no, they love showing off even the remotest thing which may get them look like their kids’ story superheroes. Watch:  

Photo credit: Pintrest

3. The picture perfect

Why not getting your little ones somewhere outdoors, get your phone or camera, bring along a pen, a piece of cardboard and get cheesy. It will melt his heart (or wait, superheroes’ hearts are made of steel!), or at least will put a smile on his face 😉 (click here for more crafty ideas)


4. The quote

Give him some material to take back to his office. A mug, a key ring, a magnet for the fridge or a shy print. Looking for inspiration? Click here for some interesting wise and cute Father’s Day quoting ideas. 


5. The gift    

He deserves one, he’s been such a great dad this year, hasn’t he? No need for pricey ideas, he will appreciate any creative plans you and the little ones have been preparing for him so get the picnic basket and go fishing, simply start your day with a special breakfast, cook dinner together or Go Ape. No matter the choice, just try and have fun! 


6. The household borrowed surprise 

So you think online shopping and retail are the only solutions for a great gift? I beg to differ. Get crafty with things you find around the house, it’s the gesture that counts. Wrap them nicely and out on a financial mock show explains dad how  home gifts may save the country’s economy 😉 It’s a great way of you being able to supervise your little ones’ gift wrapping skills and encourage their creativity further. 

  Photo credit: Pintrest

7. The voucher magic 

Last but not least as, ups, this may easily become my favourite! We all love a deal nowadays! And if you’re way too busy for crafting around, don’t worry, there’s a voucher waiting to ease your work. Find your fun voucher for special activities and personalised gifts and start creating memories. I wonder which one is yours to pick? 



So Father’s Day is just around the corner. Quickly, you cool mums with crafty bundles, share your thoughts and last minute ideas! 




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