My Philips Lumea Journey

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This is it!! THE article I wanted to write for years! It’s all about the beauty gadget all women I know have been waiting for! I had kept my eyes on it for a couple of years but I was either pregnant or too tired and busy to even care about any major changes in my beauty routine, so when Philips asked me if I wanted to try it, I said YES with absolutely 0 hesitation or further research. Still I didn’t realise it would be this easy, if I knew, I would have gone for it the first time I heard about it!

I’ve been going back and forth to various epilating methods since I was a teen, some slightly more efficient than others, however on the long run none was good enough to improve my current busy mum calendar, or my confidence overall. Booking a waxing appointment or having to shave every day is just not achievable anymore, not since the kiddies got on board. School runs, playdates, birthdays to organize and work deadlines are now taking over my day!

Enters THE AMAZING Philips Lumea Prestige IPL!! But what is IPL and how does it work? Here are a few cool facts: IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light; light pulses project onto the skin to prevent hair regrowth, melanin in the hair absorbs the light – from the Lumea – that transforms into heat. It’s a pain-free process which simulates the hairs to go into resting phase. What I love even more about it is the added convenience, as the new Philips Lumea Prestige can be used both corded and cordless – brilliant news for me as when I started using it I was traveling and it fit pretty nicely in my luggage.


philips lumea ipl


I should have started by saying that I have been using Lumea for the past 6 weeks and I’m extremely satisfied with the results, also with the time (and money!) I’ve saved waxing – it doesn’t come cheap if you check your annual bank balance. Haven’t been to the salon at all, all I’ve done was a quick shaving session a couple of times thanks to my bi-weekly treatment with Lumea. How could I not love it when I’m finally ruling waxing out of my life, the main stress of my entire adulthood life ’till now when it comes to beauty routines! I carried out the first 3 treatments every 2 weeks, and I’m already able to see reduced hair growth. I have one more session to do, after that all I have to do in order to maintain these results, I simply have to touch up when needed, approximately once a month in the first few months. Did I mention that it takes just 8.5 minutes to treat 2 lower legs using it corded or just 15 minutes when used cordless?


philips lumea ipl


Here’s the thing! I’m almost every day out and about with the children, I am attending weekly work events and this is one less thing I have to worry about! I’ve switched completely to dresses which wasn’t possible before as I was never ready to just put on a silky dress and go. I gave up the intention of wearing a skirt each time I realized I had to shave. Waxing is not ideal as to me it’s painful and there’s always the ‘hairy gaps’ when you don’t want to ruin by shaving, but can’t show off some leg either.


philips lumea IPL


I know that us, women, struggle to balance getting salon results at home, but also fitting our beauty routines in our busy lifestyles. I did a bit of research and I’ve learnt that a full body laser hair removal treatment costs £3,780. When compared to the cost of the Lumea, you could then save up to £3,000. The average woman spends £12 per month on at home hair removal methods, a further £30.67 per month on in salon hair removal methods. So why not invest in one hair removal solution that gives you salon results in the comfort of your own home? I find Philips Lumea a convenient but a much cheaper option on the long run, I wasn’t only saving time which I got to spend with my family, also money. Here’s an offer if you’re looking to purchase a Lumea, it is a life saver if you’re on a becoming hair-smooth journey! The RRP is normally £475 so this is a saving of £150, click here.


philips lumea ipl


What are your thoughts on your current hair removal method, would you try Lumea at home IPL for long lasting hair free smoothness?

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This article has been written in partnership with Philips Lumea, all thoughts are mine, I honestly can’t recommend this magic beauty tool enough!


philips lumea IPL