5 reasons why they feel sorry for you…


…when they really shouldn’t…

A baby is a game changer. It’s true I hardy remember the life before becoming a mother, but thanks to who I was then and the choices I made I am who I am today. 

While trying to enjoy the experience and overcome the overwhelming moments, you stumble upon comments and posts of people you know like ‘so many of my friends are having babies and I’m like get a life, people!’ or others talking openly about the luxury of travelling which parents should forget because this is not for them and children should really be kept far from public spaces as they act weirdly, are extremely loud and can be so unpredictable. I heard and read lots of silly reasons of how they think you’re entirely consumed by your new childfull life and they do feel sorry for you (when they really really shouldn’t):

1. Forget travelling  

There are so many mean comments about the freedom to travel people think you instantly lose once you get little humans attached to yourself. Well, guys, don’t worry too much about us busy, overtired and restless parents, we can still pack our things and enjoy a weekend in the country or even a couple of days of sightseeing in Rome in spite of having to carry a buggy full of nappies and wipes and muslins and bottles and thousands of other essentials. And the toddler. And his toys. And the maps & backpacks (so not bragging, but we managed to visit 4 countries before my son was 6 months, add a wedding in Italy and 2 family holidays before he was one. Add a planned trip to Athnes for this summer. Not too shabby for a busy parent, I believe…) 


2. You get fat. You are fat, you’ll be fat

Having babies means adding on extra pounds (for life some think) and they just don’t get it why you have this crazy uexplicable desire of putting yourself through it over and over again, hence brutally honest comments come out such as: ‘I saw my friend today, omg I thought she had the baby already, oh no she’s now stuck with the baby’s birth present’. I copied and pasted it from the social page of a very sad and confused mum friend. It’s true, research says it’s taking a woman around two years to completely recover from birth, but don’t worry, guys, I know so many fit women who feel much better about themselves and their body since they have become mums. So do I, to be honest. And I promise you, pregnancy and raising babies don’t make you fat for life, but sipping on those cocktails and enjoying too often those burgers and chocolate dips won’t help your waistline much on the long term (but it’s alright, you’ll catch with us!). 


3. Neglecting your looks is the new hobby 

As sleepless nights and a chaotic schedule may not help much, it doesn’t mean that once you get to be a parent, you stop existing. You’ll have challenging days, days when all you want is to stay in bed but you sulk it as children scream because they’re hungry and days when you don’t feel like dressing up for your office Christmas party. But despite these ‘happy joyful’ days, I promise you we love to dress up, get beautiful and, why not, get the cheeky bundle and show off a smile for a photo album. 


4. Fun is not an option anymore  

I find many people thinking (including some of my childless friends) that parents somehow lose the ability of having fun. I just believe we change our priorities, yet we still laugh at the same jokes; we however also like to get to know a different kind of ‘fun’, so apologies if us making faces and silly voices to entertain the tiny growing brains of the tantrum babies is not your favourite performance to attend. Tickets are sold out anyway, so keep bickering on your Facebook page 😉 


5. Queen of boring conversation 

It’s true, parents’ world spins around the new family additions and we do sometimes tend to use the baby’s name twice in the same phrase. But this doesn’t mean we are becoming boring people to be avoided at all costs. Parents still read books, we go to work and when you take us out, although we are fascinated with the little things our little ones keep discovering, may be able to successfully enjoy a quick break from parenthood. Including talking about it. 

Are you stumbling across any mean comments on parenthood? We’d love you to share some with us…:)

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