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London has been my home for the past 5 years. It’s now the birthplace of my first child (plus another one on her way), it’s where Justin and I got married and where most of our friends are spending their days between work, family and buzzing rooftops sipping on strawberry mojitos. It’s also the very place where all kinds of pollens grains from all over the world meet so every summer the hay fever drama can severely affect my husband’s eyes, nostrils and mood!

For years people of all faiths or none have been building strong communities in London. My child is sharing the playground with his Jewish, Muslim, Buddist or Christian friends and I always notice a raw harmony between them because they don’t see religion or skin colour as differences to make them choose teams (instead sharing a ball is usually the major crisis to start a series of tantrums and cryings). They don’t know anything about accents, incomes or higher education. To them it’s all about playing with that ball they have been fighting over just 5 minutes ago, even though sometimes they brake a glass or kick a door.

The series of unfortunate events which happened lately in London haven’t exactly been easy on us. We used to live by Tower Bridge just months before it all happened, the market was my secret corner of peace and quiet, it was where I was often working, shopping and chilling with the baby. Westminster was and still is my favourite place to immortalise moments when friends and family visit, symbol of London’s greatness and the very reason Anna Pawleta (the one responsible for the fun pixels gallery below) and I chose it for one of our maternity photoshoots.

This is my tribute to the city I love because we are celebrating LIFE and fear will not divide us, but loving and supporting each other will make us stronger and ready for new generations to come.

This photoshoot was at 6am in Westminster with bravest of all – early bird Anna at Anna Pawleta Photography. She makes the best alarm clock and motivator for an exciting maternity project, keep an eye on her!


Aly x