Early lessons…


I have always believed that all first time parents are clumsy experimenters. Despite a huge volume of research we all do, advice we receive from our own parents or other experienced parent friends, plus our own gut feelings, rash worries and fears often tend to take over even the little things related to our mini humans. I do remember questioning which would be the best way to put on a nappy (as if the entire process is a serious rocket science task we were not trained enough for)!


Thankfully now this rather confusing and testing stage seems to be over for us, baby number two (due at the end of the month) has it all pretty much in order already: the pile of nappies and baby clothes all neatly organised by size, changing bag, cot, bath wash, skin creams and the mandatory squeaking toys. This time, the amount of research was minimal with no fuss or curiosity about which brands to go for (except for tiny clothing articles, found out she's a girl so let the dressing up excitement begin!).


Of course, when it comes to fashion, we got it all covered! Tutus, skirts, dainty dresses, tiny shoes and darling bows are already flooding the house, yet when it comes to more sensitive topics such as hygiene and skin care, we chose not to let ourselves overwhelmed by any new glamorously packaged products and simply use what worked best for our toddler. As we've been successfully using it for the past 3 years, Bepanthen was the obvious choice for nappy rash cream prevention (occasionally still using it on toddler's skin and even mine).



A baby’s skin is known to have a higher pH level, being thinner and softer which means it is also more sensitive to irritants. Nappy rush isn't a pleasant experience, but just like many other parents, we've noticed most of our friends' babies were prone to it. Because Bepanthen is a preservative-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free product, we found it efficient in protecting our baby’s skin, the non-sticky, creamy texture actions as a barrier, letting it breath nicely.

Because it contains the active ingredient of pro-vitamin B5, it gently helps sensitive skin repair its natural protective barrier while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised.

Our first time parent experience created for us an entire set of good lessons. Lesson number one: find a good product and stick with it. Even the bunny below found out the early benefits of Bepanthen while the toddler has been preparing himself for the new family addition, his baby sister 🙂






This article has been written in collaboration with Bepanthen, a baby product our family has used and trusted for years.

An AllMumsTalk recommendation to all new parents out there. 


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