Kitchen remodelling project. Part 1


A few years ago I would have gotten more excited about shopping for a new dress or booking a holiday, today I’m a wee more thrilled about a trip to the fridge to greet my newest purchase – Lazy Susan! I always wanted one ;)) In case you missed some of the posts on my Instagram where I shared the entire project on our kitchen remodelling, here’s a recap in some of my favourite pixels.


What’s new in the kitchen? 🙂

The fridge – freezer handsome duo {American style}

We chose ours for its cool tech which is going to keep the whole family happy for years to come. We also needed a bigger fridge 🙂 as I’m cooking fresh pretty much daily and … it’s now five of us! Thrilled to be working with AEG as part of our kitchen remodelling. Almost the day we moved into this amazing house, we sort of began thinking about upgrading the appliances, for a few good reasons: eco-friendliness, better comfort, smarter space management and appliance reliability. We entertained the idea of getting a side by side fridge & freezer initially but in the end settled for a free standing fridge & freezer which was the perfect width for this space – they replaced a smaller fridge-freezer-combo, an oven & a few drawers.

They are: AEG 7000 FREESTANDING & REFRIGERATOR 186 CM & 7000 SERIES 186 CM NO FROST UPRIGHT FREEZER and surely make a great team! 

The oven

We bake a lot
, especially my husband – once or twice a week we get his special sourdough delight, but I must say that never have I been so impressed with an oven like this green pick from AEG. High on the list of features is using energy efficiently, which also means cooking efficiently. It has a new convection system called Hot Air, which ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity. The result is that the oven heats up faster – it’s almost unbelievable how fast it does that actually!! Cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving us both time and energy. In effect, where it previously baked my breads at 240 Celsius, it can now achieve the same result at 180-200. 

Also top of the list of cool features for me is no doubt the PlusSteam button. This is a SteamBake oven which adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden color and tasty crust, while the heart stays soft and tender. It also has a very efficient feature called Fast Heat Up setting, pre-heating the oven 40% quicker than conventional models. It got a 10/10 from me! Best bit for all busy mums out there: with just one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

It’s the STEAMBAKE OVEN WITH PYROLYTIC CLEANING and you can find it here.


The cooker

Some of the
 shots bellow were taken before the larder took over the mirror space. Love cooking during golden hour and I don’t feel there’s much time or enough caption characters for me to use in order to tell you how much I love this induction hob! Apart from getting connected to the cooker hood wirelessly, it’s the most efficient hob I’ve used to date. From boiling to simmering to keeping warm, when you need repeated quick heat changes to create a dish, use PowerSlide. Simply slide your pan from heat to heat, without stopping to adjust temperatures up and down as you’re cooking. The list of cool features goes on, more in my stories! A quick cleaning tip I’ve just learnt from the guys who installed it for us: treat your hob like you treat a mirror, use only dedicated products to clean it, or any glass friendly products will do 👏🏻

The island cooker hood

Can you believe this is a cooker hood? Not any kind of cooker hood, but a greener one that changed the entire look of our kitchen, don’t you think?? I absolutely love how sleek it is, but also the tech behind it – it’s wirelessly connected to the hob so all I have to do is cook and they both make a great team assisting me. 
I call it green because it makes an ideal lighting lamp over a hob, additionally, it’s long-lasting and energy-efficient. It comes with a remote control, too, how about that?! I couldn’t decide which pixels can do better justice to just how beautiful this piece is!!

The larder cupboard

So so happy with my new larder! It was a dream come true, and the two Cox&Cox larders I found that are just lovely, therefore we decide to buy one of the two options you can find here. I won’t say more as I’m planning a dedicated blog post for it, it’s way too pretty and probably I won’t get it as organised anytime soon! 😉

Rude health cox and cox larder AEG
Spruce eco cleaning


We had 2 rather short shelves in the kitchen but I felt I needed more space, especially for my glasses and mugs – still working on organising this space but I did have fun doing a bit of decorating. I’m no expert but I found a few pretty pieces (before half of them moved into the pantry!) so I was rather pleased with the result.

Brabantia bin AEG kitchen aid smeg

Last but never least, it’s easy to admit that this lovely recent collab we had with AEG for the past few months has been one of my favourite ever! Talk to me refrigerator hacks and cooking recipes all day and I wouldn’t get bored! if you have any questions on the appliances, feel free to drop me a message here or on insta.

*The AEG appliances are gifted PR products as part of our ongoing collaboration, but all opinions are mine. I am really pleased with the result, especially as everything we choose for this kitchen project is a much greener option than our previous appliances. #challengetheexpected

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