Self-cleaning ovens are a game changer!


Here’s why my AEG self-cleaning oven with steam cooking is an absolute lifesaver and must-have for any kitchen. 

before & after

As a family of 5, we do a lot of cooking and baking using fresh ingredients, including all my husband’s bread-making which is an activity he shares with the kids every week. The results often exceed our expectations, and a huge part is played by our clever (and green) self-cleaning oven from AEG, which I’ve mentioned on many occasions before. I strongly believe that a good oven makes all the difference when it comes to baking cakes, cooking roasts, or experimenting with new recipes. 

I don’t even dread the cleaning part anymore, I used to though! A lot! Now, with just one touch of the pyrolytic self-cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is turned into ash that I just wipe away with a damp cloth. All in under 90 minutes. 

But nothing shows it better than a before and after shot, so here you go 🙂

AEG 6000 Series SteamBake with Pyrolytic Cleaning

High on the list of brilliant features and another reason why we chose this particular oven is its energy efficiency, and that it cooks efficiently too. When using the True Fan function, the hot air is circulated around the oven cavity, meaning food is cooked evenly everywhere. The result is that cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving both time and energy. Essentially, where I previously baked my breads at 240 degrees C, this oven can now achieve the same result at 180-200. 

This is also a SteamBake oven, which means steam can be added at the start of the baking process by using the PlusSteam function. Cooking with steam keeps dough moist on the surface to create a golden color and tasty crust, while the centre stays soft and tender, perfect for breads and bakes It also has a Fast Heat Up setting which pre-heats the oven 40% quicker than conventional models, so no more waiting around for it to get hot before we can start cooking!

This oven gets a 10/10 from me! It’s all you need for a perfect bake, while the self-cleaning feature is the cherry on top that any busy parent would appreciate! I’ve had so many questions about how efficient this really is. Given the fact that I’m not buying any more harsh chemicals and I don’t need to hire a professional to clean my oven regularly, I think this is a great win in the long term and in my eyes, an absolute must-have for any kitchen. Another question was about energy usage, as the oven heats to a high temperature in order to burn grime away – a concern that’s particularly relevant with rising bills. The high temperature pyrolytic cleaning cycle does use slightly more energy than everyday cooking. But despite this, it’s still much more economical than buying cans of oven cleaner, or hiring a professional for regular cleaning sessions. The oven is also so well-insulated that less heat and energy is wasted during day-to-day cooking.

P.S. there’s a child lock for added safety. Oven controls can be locked to prevent misuse, providing safety and peace of mind. Trust me, it’s a great feature when you have small kiddies roaming free around your kitchen. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading your oven, check out AEG’s oven buying guide to find the oven to best suit your needs. 

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