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Weaning…the joy of mashing endless veggies, steaming fruit and feeding a curious tiny mouth when we all know most of it eventually ends up on the floor…About to start it all over again in less than two weeks!

Four years ago I was over the moon only thinking about weaning Lucas, imagining the cute baby faces and grandparents’ excitement during FaceTime sessions. This time round, I’ve been thinking more of how to keep the mess sessions at a minimum, and improve the shopping list (as a first time new mum, I went a bit overboard and ended up with lots of baby things I haven’t used/ needed).

So I drew up a list with the essentials, here it is…

1. It all starts with a chair…

A must. The baby will be spending a lot of time playing/ learning/ giving you extra cleaning work in one of these so my tip here is to go for the best. We chose BabyBjorn, a comfortable infant high chair in a safe design – that’s how the brand is marketing their new baby chair and that’s exactly what it is. It has an adjustable tray which locks into place keeping the child sitting securely in an upright position during mealtimes. One of the best things for me is that the high chair is easy to clean. It folds flat, it’s lightweight and convenient to take even on holidays (I must know, I’ve already been testing this one right before starting our weaning journey). Because it can be used up to 3 years, Amelie says it’s a keeper 😉

(for Lucas I used a Chicco which did the job, but it was simply not as versatile as BabyBjorn’s; the cleaning part was definitely taking longer and the folding wasn’t as clever. Not convinced it’s fair to compare the two as they are part of two different price categories, but BabyBjorn seems like a smarter choice considering  a two and a half years investment).

BabyBjorn high chair

2. It’s all about the bib…

Cute baby chair design and cute bibs to nail the photo album shots! I love these Aden and Anais snap bibs. Maybe to be kept away from any beetroot purée!  What can be more magical than these whimsical girl bibs which capture the sassy spirit of Marie, the fancy feline featured in Disney’s The Aristocats? The 100% cotton muslin bibs feature three snaps conveniently located in the front for an adjustable fit and easy fastening, making it the perfect newborn bib that grows with baby. For drooling times or feeding sessions.

3. Making baby food…

After extended research I shortlisted this one: the Phillips Avent 4-in-1-healthy baby food maker. I think I might love this one, haven’t purchased it yet, the main reason being the fact that I still own its previous version, but I might go for the upgrade eventually. It made my life as a first time mum much easier. Steaming is a healthy way of cooking. The technology lets the steam circulate upwards from the bottom, making sure all the ingredients are evenly cooked without boiling. Goodness, texture and the cooking liquids are retained for blending. The 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker enables us to prepare nutritious homemade meals, all in the same jar. We can serve the food immediately or store it in the container included, and reheat it later on with the easy-to-use reheating and defrosting functions.

4. Feeding tools…

The fun starts with stocking on feeding tools. This BabyBjorn feeding set is suitable for children to use from 4 months. The shape of the plate helps child scoop up food with these grip-friendly spoon and fork with short handles. The plate rests firmly on table and it’s BPA-free plastic.

5. Fresh food feeders

Words can’t say how much Lucas loved this one! The Munchkin fresh food feeder was one of the most clever buys for my weaning baby. I was able to introduce fresh fruits and veggies with ease. The feeder helps reduce the risk of choking – only small pieces of digestible food get through. It’s simple and easy to use – place food in mesh bag and snap shut to secure. It makes a great accessory for travel – includes on-the-go cap with snap-tight closure. Great to use with frozen fruit on hot days, or to soothe sore gums, it’s BPA-free and easy to clean.

6. Weaning lecture

Annabel Karmel book on weaning is one of the first weaning materials I had. Although the internet is full of recipes and tips, it’s quite useful to have a book in handy when cooking for babies & toddlers. Chapters of the book include: understanding weaning, first tastes, exploring new tastes and textures, creating a varied diet with added features on menu planners.


7. Sippy clever cups

Have a few ready, you’ll need them! Tommy Tippee has a variety for all stages. One of my favourites is the 360 degree cup which is perfect for mealtime training, as it has no straw or no spout but just the guarantee of spill-free sipping.

 Got any more tips on weaning or favourite brands that do the job?
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