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Every now and then I find one thing that is capable of changing my life, but sometimes it just takes me a longer time to notice any differences or benefits. One thing like this to completely change my views on workouts is rebounding, it started by injecting a bit of fun into something that I thought I could enjoy more, but didn’t know how. It turns out rebounding is the puzzle piece I’ve been missing in my mid 30s! Not to mention that the research behind it brings out some blow minding facts!

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I’ve started drafting this blog post a couple of months ago, based on a few facts I’ve learnt from James, founder of @rebounderuk in case you haven’t yet come across rebounding. As you probably know, I’m a fact checker so I took my sweet time reviewing it! Here’s what I’ve learned…


1. It’s all science!

After 3 kids and a slightly slower metabolism, this has come as a huge pleasant surprise! The proper rebounding technique is to lower your centre of gravity by bending your knees slightly, leaning forward a little which lifting your chest and keeping your head straight. This is where the science happens. Every time you repeatedly push down (weightbearing) there is a pressure increase on the muscles and body, and then when you lift up in the air where these is no pressure (weightless) you create G-Force on your body which is a very healthy type of pressure felt by every cell in your body about 30 trillion or so! It is this gentle type of squeezing effect on the cells that makes them become stronger. This is why people say that rebounding works from the inside out as all your internal organs (viscera) which are also made of smooth muscle also get a healthy type of workout. With rebounding you can achieve up to 2.5G’ (G-Force) which means our exercising body weight can become up to 2 and half times heaver whilst rebounding thus giving you an amazing calorie burn. To put this into perspective can you imagine imputing your body weight into the running machine that you are 2.5 times heavier than you actually are and seeing what calorie burn this would give you at the end of your run!

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2. It’s a brilliant calorie burner!

Over 600 cal can easily be burned in a 30 min rebounding workout using a low impact rebounder using good techniques! The one here in my pixels is the Fit Bounce Pro unit which is 40 inches in diameter (great when you have kids!!); I love that it folds in half, perfect to use in & outdoors, on sunny days we keep it in the garden and bounce our way to dinner time. There’s a 15% discount off of the patent award winning Fit Bounce Pro & Fit Bounce Pro XL in case you fancy a try, I’d say it’s one of the best investments you could make when it comes to keeping active and healthy. Just use CODE Allmumstalk

3. It’s SO much more than a workout – strong bones, healthy joints

Rebounding is a low impact exercise which means it’s very kind on joints and soft tissues (when using a good quality well sprung rebounder) but at the same time it’s weight-bearing which is what is needed for building and maintaining strong bones and healthy joints. Here are some physiological things that happen whilst you rebound so you get an understanding of what’s going on in your body.

As well as this constant pressure changing going on, the other most incredible benefit is happening with our lymphatic systems. People call the lymphatic this our ‘metabolic rubbish bin’ that rids our bodies of unwanted toxins, waste and when get in good order defends our bodies against infections. The lymphatic system does not have a pump to move fluid around like our cardiovascular system does in the way of our hearts. It has a system of one-way valves that open and close that push the lymph around the body when we move, breath, massage and exercise. However, nothing moves lymph around our body’s as effectively as rebounding exercise which is due to these valves closing when we are at the bottom of the bounce (weightbearing) and then they open at the top of the bounce when we are weightless. This constant opening and closing of the valves create an incredible pumping effect on the lymph system moving lymph around our systems really efficiently. This is why people sweat a lot bouncing and why rebounding has this very effective detoxifying effect on our system. Having toxins stored in our bodies is not good and can cause all sorts of issues, so cleansing and stimulating the lymphatic system on a regular basis is paramount for maintaining good health and equilibrium. This is why people struggle to lose weight when they are not effectively stimulating the movement of lymph around the body which intern helps rid the body of these harmful toxins often stored in stubborn fat cells. When people rebound for weight loss, they see great results.

4. Don’t forget about your core muscles

We need to use and train these important deeper core muscles – the ones that pull our bellies in and give us an appearance of flatter tummies in a more functional effective way, standing vertically not when we are lying on our backs. All this happens in a beautifully coordinated way whilst you rebound and land on the unstable surface, sometimes 120 times a minute. Deep core muscle training doesn’t get better than that!

5. It’s all chemistry

Most exercise makes us feel good, however any activity that creates that feeling of weightlessness on our body’s like freefalling when skydiving, falling at speed on a rollercoaster ride or on the downward phase of a jump, creates a chemical reaction in the brain which intern produces more of these feel good hormones called endorphins. This must be the reason why everyone loves to bounce. It’s hard not to bounce without a smile on your face, and making exercise so much fun results in us coming back for more! That’s the key to its success.

I’d love to thank James for such a wonderful insight into rebounding, who knew about the multiple benefits this could have for the entire family…

Don’t forget…

There’s a 15% discount off of the patent award winning Fit Bounce Pro & Fit Bounce Pro XL in case you fancy a try, I’d say it’s one of the best investments you could make when it comes to keeping active and healthy. Just use CODE Allmumstalk

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