THE car seat review. APRAMO® ALL STAGE™

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We have tried a few car seats ever since Lucas joined us 5 years ago – one of the perks of being a parent blogger is often faster access to product trials and reviews. Some we were happy with, some we replaced quickly, all until we had the pleasure of reviewing this cool guy – The APRAMO® ALL STAGE


apramo carseat road trip travel with children


My other half spent about 40 minutes installing it, but it could have been much faster if he actually read the instructions first! 🙂 He reckons 25 minutes is more than enough to get it all in position.

This will not be a lengthy piece of writing because the product itself doesn’t need much introduction. Once you see it for yourself or even read more on the Apramo’s website, you’d easily notice all the smart tech that goes behind. There is an installation guide here if you fancy taking a look now. 


apramo carseat motherhood travel with children road trip


This brilliant carseat fits children from birth up to 36 kg – which is about 12 years, so it’s  basically 4 seats in 1! Can’t stress enough on this feature! I got a few messages when I first posted about it on instagram, 

The other highlight for us is its 360° rotation which is absolutely useful as Amelie is sometimes carsick (especially on those longer road trips); rotating the chair towards Lucas’ seat or mine seems to help her a lot. 


apramo carseat motherhood travel with children road trip


As I already mentioned a few times already, from our past experience with our first child I can easily say that carseat shopping can be a frustrating experience as it’s difficult to know exactly when to switch stages, hence Apramo comes so in handy. 

Did I mention the 4 recline positions at forward facing? 

Next step is getting Lucas the same one as there’s a real fight on the new ‘cool smart seat’ 😉