A little Valentine’s self-care note…


This time of the year I usually write a Valentine’s gift guide, mainly because I enjoy hunting for a good pressie for my loved ones. However this year I am doing the things a little bit differently. I should also start by mentioning this is not a sponsored article (not that I feel much the ASA #ad pressure which is currently discussed in detail on Instagram), however, for the sake of transparency, as usual, I’m including a few names and brands that lately have made my life easier and that I really hope you’ll find useful enough to give yourself a little break this week. None of them has reached to me to be named within this article. Th

Nonetheless I don’t encourage self care or couple’s bounding activities only on Valentine’s Day/ week, yet I take this day as a reminder that, in order to make your other half happy, must make yourself happy first…

  1. Get yourself a work out session
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It doesn’t sound like much, does it? You may have heard this a million times as exercising may be great for the body, but it’s actually a brilliant way to clear your mind, too! Romantic celebrations such as Valentine’s Day may become the very opposite sometimes, from the excitement of looking for the perfect gift to the frustration of not finding it; from the curiosity of trying on a new dress to the disappointment of not nailing the red one. Women’s brains are constantly working and a simple workout session may put a few thing’s in perspective – it may not bring solutions to all our daily challenges, but it can surely make us feel more energised, ready to face them.

2. Give yourself a break – and maybe try the Bubble babysitting app and enjoy an adult conversation over dinner at your favourite restaurant…

Although it’s been a while since I last used the app, I think the team behind built a beautiful community of trustworthy babysitters and parents and this may be the perfect excuse to get yourself a date night. Maybe in that red dress you had doubts about, but who knows, he may appreciate it more than you 😉

3. Get pampered – there’s an app for that, it’s called Missbeez 

Getting yourself pampered in the comfort of your own home doesn’t sound too shabby, does it? If you’re struggling to find time to make it to the beauty salon or have other commitments that keep you busy, get on the app and book a therapist or beautician to come to your house instead, when most suitable for you. Or you can even get a Valentine’s treatment gift for your other half – this month I’m getting a massage for Alldadstalk (co-sleeping is often harsh on his spine) – and voila, my gift is done!

4. Get help around the house  –  The Cleaning Gurus 

I’m not saying you should try and become Marie Condo overnight, but at least this week you could treat yourself to a little bit of help around the house – Cleaning Gurus are a great start! This has to be the best self care gift I’ve given myself and my family this year. Working mostly from home while raising 2 small children and attending lots of events every week is hard work and I’m finally embracing the fact that asking for help is not the worst thing we can do for ourselves. They also have the best eco friendly products.

Now you should be more relaxed, ready to let the sparkles flow 🙂

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