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As this is the very first guest post on AllMumsTalk, what better start could I offer if not having to publish a ‘love’ note from my better half, Justin @AllDadsTalk? While he’s living la vida loca at his work office from tough Mondays to rather casual Fridays in the buzzing district of Canary Wharf, he still gets to help around with thy tantrumous toddler moments during the weekends when he thinks he deserves more rest than…well, more than he gets nowadays. Yet it seems to get a little bit easier as all these fun activities get scheduled on glorious Saturdays and Sundays.

Here goes the latest, a biscuit decorating workshop with a quirky company called BKD London owned by a London mum who promises design-led baking classes that range from 3D dinosaur biscuits to unicorn cupcakes, as well as kids parties and pretty much all the fun attached. 

Classes are entertaining, messy and creative. Tiny humans love to decorate and eat their mini works of art. It’s also a great chance to meet other mamas (or papas in this case) and enjoy some quality time with the children. Hang out with dad is an exciting campaign run by Notonthehighstreet and it’s pretty much the inspiration you need to make his day a special one (gift ideas for various budgets are flowing!)

‘Dear mother of my fun and frenzy toddler,

Thank you for pushing me go and pursue my (unknown until now) passion for biscuit decorating.  There is compelling evidence biscuits are not too boring to play with especially when there are two toddler busy wee hands enjoying colour painting experiments; rolling some dough is rather gripping too. You were right, parenthood doesn’t seem such a rocky business when you keep him busy and well fed. I was careful at fulfilling his endless list of requests and watched carefully his mood swings and I am happy to say the number of tantrums has decreased considerably since this morning. You were right, yes you were as usual…He needs a parent who’s not letting himself absorbed by his screening time on too many gadgets, someone who’s not remaining silent for more than 2 seconds because he will get in trouble with the boredom of his offspring! So, yes, book me up for more sessions like this, you catch up with your bathroom beauty routine that ended two years ago when he showed up on our doorsteps, have a shower with no audience, finish that chocolate bar you started munching on four days ago, which the toddler almost accidentally discovered on one of his trashing the place up missions. Go ahead, spoil yourself, get a haircut or just hug the pillow and doze off for the 4 hours I’ll be parenting for two. And stop calling, texting, checking on us, we are busy decorating biscuits!

Yours faithfully and sincerely, other busy parenting

(definitely not babysitting) half

J @alldadstalk’

‘BKD provides tuition, aprons, boxes and all decorating supplies. From cupcakes to biscuits, to creamy buttercream, piping bags, rolling pins, cutters, sprinkles, googly eyes and fondant. We’ve got it all covered and we even clean up afterwards.

LOCATIONS: London in Hackney, Shoreditch, Chelsea

DURATION: 1.5hrs long

Our classes are suitable ages two and up, please note we expect parents to assist children under six, although we encourage parents to get involved at all ages.

There is no need to bring anything with you, everything will be provided including aprons.

I’m afraid classes are not suitable for allergy sufferers at the moment’

Best thing is that 10% of the sale of this experience will be donated to Little Troopers, which supports children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces.Right, time for me to go and catch up with my so overdue nap time! Meanwhile here’s more on the classes you too could choose for your child’s dad as it’s Father’s Day and YOU deserve a break 😉 (kill two birds with one stone! except do not kill any birds and do not throw any stones :))



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