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Mums & Bumps go Fun*das. Bundles too

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Nowadays there are so many choices when it comes to spoiling our tiny human’s wardrobe. As a mum who loves playing with colours and patterns, fun designs and creative accessories, I’ve just come to realise that good value for money (as I said it before, aren’t children an arm and a leg sometimes?!), high quality and enticing presentation are key deciding factors in making a good purchase but they don’t always come together. A hint of ace surprise wouldn’t hurt either! I got all my high expectations ticked off the list with Fun*das Barcelona, a quirky little place where you can browse for days and nights and you still wouldn’t get tired of it. The handcraft manufactured brand claims to be the first one to introduce fashion in childcare (and I couldn’t agree with this more, but let’s see why)!


Fun*das Barcelona

While this is the online gem I got the lucky chance to try and review a while ago, quite a few modish items caught my critic Virgo eye. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, so here are some of my favourite ones (from the variety I have tested, the hooks got me ‘hooked’ the most!).
I strongly recommend these buggy hooks which are compatible with any pram. I have tried quite a few before I got my Fun*das ones and they were not as reliable (especially when traveling abroad and the accidental breakage happens; it does happen more than often!).

The products range is vast, there are lots of buggy accessories, baby grooming kits, clothing articles, shoes, bath time toys, essentials for the bumpy and breastfeeding mums plus anything your heart desires when it comes to nurseries and home decoration (which could easily make the best baby shower or christening gifts!).

Fun*das Barcelona

I’ve personally become obsessed with the Fun*das zebra prints and this bathroom poncho is a keeper! Apart from the fun designs of the towel, the superior quality of the material is the first noticeable trait. The same print is available for bibs, but my favourite remains the coolest buggy handbag you can get, the interior is attachable and it can be removed for easy cleaning in the washing machine. Follow Fun*das updates on their cool insta page or Facebook. I look forward to watching you feedback to AllMumsTalk insta too. Get funky!


Aly x