10 fun baby photo ideas grannies will love you for

Your tiny humans and our snap ideas for their first photo album. Get grannies happy, they’ll frame it all!


We all love snapping especially when our bundle of joy creates a moment you want to remember. Nowadays smart phones make it so comfortable and easy there’s almost no excuse not to capture the funny, the cute, the naughty, the bonkers and the beautiful. Here’s some of my personal favourite ideas of that first baby year…

1. In and out 

Missing your baby bump? This is a cool idea of going back in time and see how things have changed since then…Or have grown on you 😉


2. Face collage

You want to remember every smile, pout or cheeky look your bundle of joy shares with you. Best way to do this is through collages. Almost everyone of us now has a smart phone replacing the need of a fancy photo camera and there are many apps which give you the chance to put together cheeky faces whithout the professional expertise. Great for the photo albums or holiday cards for the grandparents! Cheap too!

 3. Selfies – our new favourite trend!

Although they may not understand much at this age, it’s almost impossible not to get a good selfie pose with a toddler. Just make the same faces they make and you’re good to go!

4. First birthday photo. Get messy!

I’ll write more on this subject later on as I got so many cool ideas, but for now check this out! I hand made a paper hat with a few fun stickers I found around the house. Get grandma to bake a cake, put a candle on and watch them go wild! Don’t worry about a sugar rush, as tempting as it may seem to us, they won’t eat much of the cake but instead spread it all over their face and then on yours! Tissues, napkins, towels, sponges must be within grabbing distance!

5.  Christmas snap 

We love Santa babies! Costumes are so easy to get or make and really you won’t need more than getting your Christmas lights out, the Christmas hat and a Santa red ‘diaper’ and your Christmas card is done! The grandparents will frame it! 

6. Costumes, costumes 

Holloween or not, we always love to put a costume on our offsprings. They look cute and you are over the moon when everyone is turning their head to see the little costumed humans. Babies may not understand much, but they are always reacting to your face expressions and gestures and the more interaction, funny noises or eye contact there is, the more chances snaps will be colourful and clear. Suit up then! 


7. Daddy bonding time

I try to get a snap of both my son and his dad whenever I get the chance, no matter if they’re awake or asleep since we are both so busy working and not spending much time together. Therefore when the little one checks out his childhood pictures won’t say that I’ve been a very self involved mother who only took pictures of herself while daddy was busy working to support the family :))

8. It’s all about the hair, baby! 

Ok, one thing one has tu fully understand, the pictur doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact if there’s one thing crazy about it, background mess or wrong angles won’t matter, for example in this photo I like to believe that it’s the funky hairstyle that steals the thunder. Don’t forget about bath time, that’s where the true hairstyles are born among bubbles and boat toys!

 9. Popular trios 

Get people talking about where the baby got his or her looks from! A picture collage of the three (or three +) of you should be enough material for them to start getting  their arguments and opinions out. Just don’t be disappointed with the answers in case the majority votes on daddy’s looks!  

10.    Tiny goes black & white 

We all love those chubby tiny fingers and toes. Take a snapshot of them, we easily forget how little they were; and if in doubt, go black and white! Perfect for that first year photo framing! And don’t forget about your baby bump and tiny little things…

I hope you enjoyed my personal favourite snaps, don’t forget to send me yours. All mums talk, but cool mums snap ;).

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