7 things I miss the most about my life before B-A-B-Y (or the old me losing the battle to the new me)…

Being a mother is great, amazing, fulfilling, is all about your bundle of joy and the satisfaction you get at the end of each day. Or it should be like this at least! Sometimes though it can get a bit overwhelming when chaos takes over your routine and there is not much time to breath left. We tend to forget to pause and enjoy delightful tiny perks motherhood is supposed to be so full of. Here’s a summary of the things I personally miss the most about my life before nappies, dummies and milk bottles. I’m sure we share a few of these treats we didn’t fully get to appreciate before the tiny humans happened: 

1. Alone bathroom time!

I honestly believe that all new mums are on the same page with me on this. As much as your partner, husband, friends or family offer to help, you will not have the same freedom. Forget about bathroom reading breaks or make up pampering while your toddler is screaming in the background because he lost his dummy which, my friend, you know it’s a real tragedy in their little world! Now I can only dream of random evenings when I’m be able to light a few tea candles and get into a relaxing sinking bath while listening to Ode of Joy and not what it seems to be a sobbing toddler’s desperate call for comfort…

2. A quiet moment over a cuppa…
I forgot about non spillage silent moments and times when I was able to really hear my own clear thoughts. Now napkins, muslims, tissues, towels, mops and sponges must be within grabbing distance for the sake of my fancy Persian carpet (gift from my mother in law, beautiful and fluffy thing!) which has recently been half hidden underneath a bad positioned coffee table in order to mask an obvious baby caused coffee spillage mark. However in order to save the other clean half, I’m now over the sink each time I’m able to get a hot cuppa (which really it’s no more often than every two weeks) when I pray I could abandon the new love of my life, light of my eyes, music to my ears – my precious toddler – into the arms of the first person that enters the house.

3. Having 10 perfect painted nails 

Or 20 if we count toenails. I said adios to this once the new addition to the family stepped into our house and souls. Obviously there’s not much time to go to a salon place plus the buggy won’t take care of itself. Or if I somehow manage to go, there is not enough time until a seeking confort scream manages to destroy a perfect fresh manicure job. It can be worse though, a friend who has older children is often complaining about missing nail varnish bottles as her offsprings are using them as magic potion for their dolls and their doll castle-house…

4. Cooking for fun 
Cooking is now much trickier I must say. Having a 16 months old baby showing off his new tantrums while squashing my leg to make me pick him up is not much fun. Washing dishes or chopping vegetables one handed doesn’t help much either. Nor does trying to impress visiting work colleagues with old baking skills as what’s supposed to be a nice presented carrot cake is now a crumbled and most probably burnt base piece of art. Choosing between singing Itsy Bitsy Spider while performing some funny dancing moves for the crying baby and checking the oven to turn it off on time is now a difficult task. And the kitchen-baby stories are endless…

5. Wearing your favourite white shirt 
White is a colour about to retire in my wardrobe. Can’t wear anything spotless for more than 5 minutes anymore…Vanish won’t help much either when it comes to children’s creativity of painting on mum’s clothes aka canvas toys…I rest my case and I look forward to them leaving for college. 
6. High hills 

 Don’t you just love all those posh mums with their perfect hair, impeccable French manicure, wearing the best shade of red lipstick while elegantly keeping a very steady balance on a gorgeous pair of stylish high hills sandals? Ok, now back to the real world. I’ll though admit that I quite managed to wear high hills a couple of times more often than expected (until someone discovered the amazing activity called walking!). The pram was easy to manage, the dresses started to fit again, the sleeping was getting better and event opportunities kept coming. Either for a birthday party or a friend’s leaving drinks, high hills were always there for me. Now they are almost extinct as there’s always a female relative who feels entitled to borrow strongly believing that because you’re a mum now your favourite pairs of shoes would massively suffer a lack of attention which would only lead to a nervous breakdown? And shoes must be happy at all times! But that’s alright, now sneaky snickers are best at chasing toddlers…

7. Being loud
Sometimes I just wish I could be loudly happy because my favourite football team is winning (don’t really watch any football but you know, I’d like to have the option of cheerying for a winning team once in a while) if only the baby wasn’t sleeping! Or I know it may sound awful, but sometimes I just want to shout at my husband over a broken plate, but I can’t because the baby may wake up. There goes turning music up or having patience for bad line phone conversations too…

Share your thoughts on how things have changed for you and what do you miss most about yourself and your life before children 😉

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