What motherhood took away from me…


Not sure about you, new or not so new mums, but to me motherhood has gradually become a thief. It’s been constantly stealing my time, my attention, my energy, my heart. Despite its fun perks and satisfaction you may get at the end of some days, this whole being a mother business can be a tough tough tough nut to crack. It’s beautiful, it’s emotional, it’s fascinating, yet there’s more to it. 

Here’s what this pure madness journey had taken away from me and I don’t think it will stop here…

1. Sleep

Who needs so much sleep anyway? Getting a little one who makes your days shorter and nights longer was the ultimate gift I asked for anyway. What we got instead? Laughter, giggles, cuing and and an endless list of ‘firsts’…So really, who needs sleep…Turn your zombie surviving mode on and you’ll be just fineeeee….

2. Sense of humour 

Well, sort of…not entirely but there are so many jokes I don’t find funny anymore especially among my childless friends. Adding also too much health & safety fears which I didn’t use to take seriously before life with children, now translates into thinking twice before replying to a funny statement. Instead I’m finding myself amused by a little face all covered in beetroot pure and noise of clumsy steps on the kitchen floor.

3. Preludes

Instead key words of the new love life are: quickies, sneaking, hiding, hushing or (most often) skipping all the above. Instead you may get a wink of sleep if lucky. Prelude is just too much work for now…Hopefully soon this word will enter our vocabulary once more. 

4. Whole treats

Because sharing is caring, isn’t it? Who says that your favourite pecan pie must now be kept only for your benefit? Motherhood is about not treating yourself, but sharing the calories away. Instead you’ll get lots of smiles and cheeky demands for more. 

5. Designer

 Not tempted enough to buy a lush Gucci pair of shoes after the last crime event? Me neither. Toddlers can be vicious little creatures (or creative monkeys) and designer has to be kept far away from their area of influence. 

What did motherhood steal from you? Eager to find out…

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Don’t forget, we’re all in this together…;)

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