7 most secret fantasies of mums…


We, lovely tired mums who always seek to somehow better ourselves, often feel powerless in front of unexpected challenges or heavy routines motherhood may bring along. It’s not easy to try and do it all at once and every day brings something new therefore we may end up caught in the middle of a crazy journey day dreaming about magic, secret weapons and tools to help us succeed and win our battles.

Here’s 7 of my most secret fantasies mums around the world may share altogether…Please let me know if you own any other magic tools!

1. The secret genie house cleaner

They say a dirty home means there are happy children running around and that’s ok. Nonsense! Imagine every day waking up to a spotless house, no dishes in the sink from last night’s dinner, no dust, no ironing, no signs of toddlers’ beetroot pure on the kitchen floor or children’s learning scribbling on the walls. Just a hard working genie who cleans it all for you while you’re getting busy enjoying time with your tiny humans…Oh, the dream…

2. The invisible hands

If I’m already on this wishful thinking journey, why not dreaming of having two extra magical hands to also help me fight this clumsiness which comes along with this baby brain of mine? So everything I touch gets done in a split second, the children get washed, dressed and ready for school using light’s speed while having the rest of the morning for myself. Then easy peasy work time! 

3. The rich and the famous cruise day 

Imagine breaking up routines with a day of fun cruising, recovering from sleepless nights while sipping on cocktails by the edge of the pool. Your little ones are well looked after of course (there is help around!). And the day would only finish off with a hot date with your better half, should we say moonlight dinner on the beach or would that be too cheesy? Forget about it, we like cheesy so add some roses too in this dream of yours! Could this be the ultimate treat? 

3. The night lullaby singer fairy

Probably most mothers would go for a fairy who sings heavenly and gently rocks your baby every time you feel powerless to do it yourself as all that lack of sleep has now been finally catching up with you. Because we all know this happens especially to all new mums more than once. Yes, almighty universe, bring on this fairy once in a while please…

4. No monster in law expertise 

For once, my mother in law’s expertise in anything and everything to be completely forgotten, so my husband’s ‘innocent’ remarks like ‘my mum used to do…’ to become extinct. Instead I’d love hearing some sentences starting with: ‘my wise beautiful wife advises on/ does it all like/ creates/ makes it all better than my mum’. Not asking for much, do I? 

6. The last minute spell 

Who wouldn’t wish they had a bit of magic power and use a spell once in a while that would put a baby to sleep when crying may seem endless and unstoppable? Or to use it at work while making a desk full of client papers vanish so we can surprise our little families with an early beautiful home cooked dinner…Yes, definitely in need of such a spell…

7. The loving bed

I know you’re all thinking love-romance related stuff, but this time I’d rather go for (hopefully) a bed from the future, that kind one day may provide human like massages, may bring out of the blue a hot cuppa or a cheeky snack, that is equipped with cool holograms to help you plan your days ahead, organise your mental to-do lists and why not, somehow it manages to do your nails as well. So I’ll be rested and ready to overcome a new day of motherhood challenges…

Anything I have missed? Share your fantasies, mums! Dreaming is always good for a healthy relaxed mind…And God knows we need a rested brain once in a while…;)

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