Up the ladder – 12 coolest DIY ideas on how to use the old ladder…


Here’s a project I’m very keen on and I’m sure you may enjoy it just as much using the ladder as main subject. Either strictly for decoration or storage purposes, using it will make your life much easier and give your home a cool look while keeping it simple. 

Here 12 funky ideas of how to work this out without the help of a builder…

1. Children’s room storage 

This is a simple fun trick to keep your cheeky monkey’s things organised while involving a bit of decorations on the top shelves. Also no hidden drawers therefore no looking much for potentially lost items. 

Photo source: Momsbestnetwork

2. Bathroom shelves 

This is just clever. No need for a huge chest of drawers, no need for wall stuck shelves, no things spread around your bathroom. In a nutshell: no messy bathroom.


Photo source: Ana White 


3. Shoe shelf 

Looking for a certain pair of shoes but can’t be bothered to look into the crowded closet? Well, build these easy ladder shelves and your problem is solved. I promise it will help you out becoming more creative with your outfits too! 

Photo source: a pair & a spare DYI 

4. Wardrobe up the ladder

I’m in love with this little project and I’m definitely getting my own soon. This is a trick I got from my father who had built one in seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeeze, the clumsiest of women could work out how to use few nails and a bit of wood! 

 Photo source: a pair & a spare DYI 

5. The hanging wardrobe 

My favourite! It goes without saying that the practicality of this goes beyond its very funky decoration purpose. Perfect for studios or any tigh spaces. 

 Photo source: Zelfmaak Ideetjek

6. The kitchen shelves 

If there are no curious toddlers or pets around, knock yourself out! How lovely could this old ladder look inside your kitchen? No need for any builders or YouTube tutorials…

Photo source: my desired home

7. The ceiling ladder lights 

If you want to have outstanding lights, this is a winner. Maybe not a project for clumsy hands like mine, but check with your husband if he’s up to the challenge task. You might be surprised with his willingness..,

 Photo source: Alexandra Design Finds 

8. Light up the wall 

If he’s not too willing to help you out with those ceiling lights, there’s an easy way too: do it yourself. On a wall! Yep, love the clean fun design and you could do it even using with your Christmas lights! 


Photo source: Apartment Theraphy 


9. Ceiling decorations

Right now I just wish I won the lottery, buy a house in the country and have these cool decorations colour out my dining room. Alright, I’m going to buy that winning ticket, be right back! 🙂

Photo source: By Stephanielynn

10. Drying flowers old ladder

For a chic vintage country look, check this one out. How pretty and easy is this cute little project…Drying either herbal tea flowers or bunches of lavender, it’s totally your call!


Photo source: Umla

11. Corner library shelves 

Talking about cleverly organising the place up! It’s already on my list and it will probably go to my children’s nursery. Have more fun and let them paint the wood using their favourite colours. 

Photo source: Buzzfeed

12. Ladder wall fun 

This speaks for itself. Perfect for little ones who enjoy climbing, discovering, showing off developing skills etc a bit too much so this is just the right way to go. Climb up, cheeky monkeys! 

Photo source: Handmade Charlotte 

Get crafty, darlings! Buzz me for any questions…

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