Valentine foodies: the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…


True story. You may surprise him with the most lavish perfume, the most exclusive spa retreat or coolest overpriced gadget. Yet if he’s got the munchies, you’re in tremendous trouble, miss. Because the chances are that you may also be a mother now, so take advantage and get as cheesy as you want on Valentine’s Day. Involving your little ones when choosing cheesy hearts, sleeky balloons and fluffy teddies won’t be a dreadful idea. So put on your creative chopping, carving, baking and cooking skills and prepare to be amazed by your own self. Here you have a few ideas that could help you along this process, if you got more of these, don’t be greedy and share with me! ūüôā


1.Valentine’s hearty breakfast.

Seriously perky, coolest shot to be instagramed.


2. Sweet tooth anyone?

As much as we know that our better halves may have a sweet tooth themselves, it will be hard to share these macarons when they look like this…Definitely on my baking list!

Source and recipe Liv for Cake 


3. Dinner daintiest side dishes

No need for everything to be pink, red or heart-shaped, yet these baked cute potatoes look like so much fun. If he isn’t much impressed, the little ones will surely eat their veggies!

Source 9 Bytz


4. Anytime for cool pancakes!

Coolest start of the day or best after dinner treat. Yes, dinner treat.

Cool Mom Picks 


5. Warmest lunch box? Sorted.

Sandwiches are the easiest food on the go and pretty much anyone can make one of these. No need for special skills, share hearty sandwiches with your little and not so little ones on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Titi Crafty


6. Quick pizza fix.

Perfect dish for busy professionals who tend to come up with no-time-for-cooking excuses. This is the easiest yummiest good looking treat. Also on my list.

Source: Pinterest

7. A finger in every pie!

I am so eager to get my hands on baking this beauty! My insta feed will be so jazzzzzy!

Source:¬†The Diary of Dave’s Wife¬†

8. Rasberry latte!

I have been working a bit with pinkish delights like this, treating myself in the name of kitchen experimenting and sharping skills. Gorgeous flavours and unsurprisingly cool designs.

Source: Sugar Hero 


9. Fruit snacks

For their lunch. So the heart-shaped sandwich doesn’t feel too lonely.

Source: Pinterest


10. End of the day treat…

Here’s an easy most enjoyable way to end your busy day once the tiny humans are fast asleep…

 Source: Chic Traveller 


Cool mums with cool bumps and bundles, I am looking forward to receiving your thoughts and fun ideas for one of the most awaited days of the year…

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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