Tiny Me & cool last minute Valentine’s inspo


When you have children, Valentine’s Day is no longer a couples’ thing. You could as well forget about it for the next 20 years or so (unless you’re pretty lucky and the grannies could help out on the weekend; they know that now, as they had grown older and wiser they can finally get the time and freedom to celebrate Valentine’s Day themselves, therefore not sure if too eager to have the grandchildren to finally and completely ruin it for them just like we have for their first 20 years of parenthood! Kidding, grannies love bundles…even on Valentine’s Day :)).

Yet, if you’re stuck with your army of tiny humans running around this rather special weekend (which I keep telling myself that is here to remind us all to celebrate the most groovy feeling on planet Earth – hey, today I’m allowed to be cheesy, right?), you need to listen carefully. Involve them in your little love projects, give them tiny tasks to keep themselves busy and why not, make the most of your time together as a young family. Bring on the crafty skills, now that we have covered the Valentine’s cooking in our previous post!

Today’s coolest tips for a last minute Valentine eye treat and ritzy surprise come from one of my favourite personalised gift online corners (or how they like to call themselves: the unofficial world headquarters of unique, personalised gifts for kids). And yes, they are pretty cool, whether you are shopping for name labels, personalised bags or wooden name puzzles, Tiny Me is here to inspire our motherhood journey. Check out these easy and fun printables they kindly arranged for mums on the go (there’s so much more quirky stuff if you subscribe on the website).


1. The surprise heart box printables 

Click for full instructions

2. Chatterbox Valentine’s Day Printables

STEP 1 – Print out your Lovely Chatterbox Printables

STEP 2 – Carefully cut the chatterbox out around the dotted edge

STEP 3 – Fold in half

STEP 4 – Press hard to sharpen edges

STEP 5 – Open the chatterbox and fold in half the other way

STEP 6 – Press flat with fingers

STEP 7 – Take each corner and fold in to the centre of the chatterbox

STEP 8 – Repeat until all 4 sides are complete

STEP 9 & 10 – Flip the chatterbox over and repeat steps 7 & 8

STEP 11 – Fold chatterbox in half

STEP 12 – Slide fingers under all 4 folds and push into centre

STEP 13 – You’re ready to play!

Go for it, I am telling you having these printables makes your crafting experience much easier than you’d think right now. Click here for lots of other cool projects and ideas, a place where you can browse all day and never get bored! I’m so very excited to start working on my little projects with my tiny person!

Happy crafting and share your Valentine’s cool inspo! Tiny Me is mine.


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