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In case you haven’t already heard, super healthy food coach, blogger and author Madeleine Shaw is revealing her second trimester baby bump! And we couldn’t be more thrilled! Running supper clubs for the healthy living seekers, continuously experimenting and creating new recipes while keeping a healthy balance between workouts, Madeleine is now about to launch a new book ‘A Year Of Beautiful Eating’. Meanwhile I managed to get a few tips from her on how to keep healthy during pregnancy and more. 

My food philosophy is all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. It’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or deprived.


How does a regular day of yours look like now you’re expecting?

To be honest not much has changed, I’m still working the same as I did before, since being in my second trimester I’ve felt really good and I love my job so I love going to work everyday.

Feeling grateful!


Is working out still important? Which work outs would you recommend during pregnancy?

Yes, I try and work out 3-4 times per week, depending on how busy my work schedule is. I want to feel really strong through pregnancy so I do a mixture of yoga and strength training.


Share the most essential 3 daily routine beauty tips you think mums to be or new mums should obey

1. Rub your belly with bio oil every day to prevent stretch marks!

2. Always give your skin a good massage at night to prevent water retention

3. Exfoliate every week to remove any dead skin


Got a recipe/recipes you’d enjoy cooking more during pregnancy?

Yes my Rhubarb and Coconut Rice Pudding from my new book A Year of Beautiful Eating, it is so nourishing and something you could give your baby once he/she arrives.


Any favourite pregnancy sources you sometimes take inspiration from?

I love Ruth from A Model Recommends, she has great tips on motherhood lifestyle and more! Also I love reading The Bump Class Book, it’s so great, lots of useful information you never think about.


Weirdest cravings you might be having…

Softmints, can’t get enough of them!


Motherhood is a game changer. How do you think it will change you?

I think it will make me less selfish, not that I don’t deeply care about others, just that currently my life is very centred around my work, boyfriend and friends, I know this will all have to be put on a hold a little as my new baby will always have to come first.


Favourite quote…

Not all those who wander are lost…

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Madeleine Shaw’s A YEAR OF BEAUTIFUL EATING is published by Trapeze in hardback & eBook, priced £20/£10.99

Photography: Martin Poole, Emma Gutteridge

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