Little old wife beliefs to keep your guessing going…


So you’re pretty far from getting a proper clear scan which could reveal the biggest secret this universe seems to selfishly hold against you: the gender of your baby. On one hand the suspense is killing you with each second that flies by, on the other you’d love a big fat birth surprise, yet how will you go through the remaining months without knowing? How will you continue to cope with the one stubborn group of people who are sure your belly says boy, but the others can swear it’s a girl. It’s tough job to keep calm, so you go on and check on all old wife beliefs you can find because let’s face it, you’re having fun while guessing and you’re now in control of that killing suspense which I can promise you, will never go completely away until you see 10 perfect little fingers, toes and of course, the ‘differentiator’ ;))

Meanwhile here you have these very cool but so not scientically proven graphics to help you guessing, resting and dreaming about your future baby!


Photo source: mythirtyspot

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We are all in this together…

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