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Inspiration is a tricky thing. It can be found anywhere around us, yet you must have a special pair of eyes to see it. It sometimes comes in disguise under the kindest smile of the delightful lady that greets you early in the morning, who just opened the quirky corner bakery just off your street, out of love for a croissant taste memory she has from a Paris trip her parents long saved for when she turned 12. Or this former ballerina who sometimes tiptoes her way through the farmer’s market while checking on bright coloured leafy greens for tonight’s dinner …

It’s true I always had a fixation with ballerinas and ballet. It may be due to their frailness, tactful poise or flawless posture…I’ll never know for sure. What I do know is that there’s a sound vibe that strongly comes across their graciousness, therefore I’ve been so excited to interviewing and observing this ballerina London mum of two, mumpreneur and owner of PregDance…

1. How did you decide to start PregDance 

I didn’t really decide…If a few years ago someone told me that I would have started a ballet class for pregnant women and new mums I would have just said ‘are you crazy’? After having danced for more than 20 years in Italy, I started a marketing and advertising career when I moved to London almost 9 years ago. Then my first pregnancy and motherhood experience opened up a new me and my passion for ballet never left me… So everything came almost naturally! PregDance allows me to share my passion and bring ballet into the life of a lot of non-dancers, inspiring mums to bond with their babies from the early stages of pregnancy and motherhood.


2. You’re what we call a ‘mumpreneur’…How do you find the perfect balance between your work and your family life?  

Perfect balance? I don’t know what you are talking about! I feel constantly juggled between my kids, husband, home, and my work that I love so much! I am learning to separate work from family life, but I still find myself sometimes trying some ballet exercises while cooking or brushing teeth!


3. How does a day of Elisa Reinerio look like? 

I love to wake up early, around 6am, and to have the first 20/30 minutes of my day as ‘me’ time. I usually use this time to meditate, read, or do a bit of stretching or abs work (oh yes, after 2 kids I am still working on these abs!!!). This precious ‘me’ time is not always possible when my boys decide to wake up as early as me…and my day starts then! After school drop-off, depending on the day, I am off teaching or preparing the class, or meeting lovely people that can enrich my passion and knowledge for ballet, pregnancy and motherhood. I always try to plan my day the night before to be efficient as much as possible until it’s time for school pick up. And that’s when my mum day starts… an enriching experience that let me discover something new about life everyday! I spend the afternoon with my kids until it’s bed time. At which point I check my emails and do more work when required. But if my husband is around (he travels a lot), the evening is ours!


4. How do you keep your amazing figure? Any special diets from your ballerina career or just working out?   

I eat a lot! But I try to eat healthy…lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. And I am one of the rare Italian women that doesn’t like cooking! I exercise. Yoga, ballet, running, cycling when I can. And well of course … Having 2 boys of 2 and 4 years old keep me active all the time!


5. What’s your favourite dish? Are you the sweet tooth or the savoury girl? Any cheating once in a while? 

I am very boring when it comes to food… the simples the dish is, the more I like it! Rice with vegetables is my favourite. Cheating? Oh yeah… chocolate is my addiction, especially after dinner I love to indulge in a tiny piece.. trying to stay on 100% dark chocolate, but if someone offers me a good piece of cake I eat it all!


6. Motherhood can be very challenging as we have so many daily tasks to start organising even before leaving the bed in the morning. Which are your top 3 tips for mums on the go? 

Plan your day the night before. Be focussed on what you are doing without trying to think what you need to do next. So you can be efficient in your present and get to the next step earlier. Relax and be open to everything that can happen with life with children!


7. Tell us a bit more about your ballet classes and who are they addressed to…

PregDance Ballet classes are especially designed for mums-to-be and new mums with their babies. Mums can stay with us until the baby is 18-24 months old or until mum & child are happy to baby wear! You don’t have to be a ballerina to join PregDance classes: for most mums Ballet is a childhood memory, and it is lovely to rediscover it now, in this special period of life.


8. What’s your favourite quote?

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things”. 

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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together…

Ally x


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