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Yes, on Halloween we, tired yet fun mums, want to share the children’s joy, excitement and, mostly, the candy sugar rush. Good mums go Visa (guilty as charged!) and one Amazon delivery later they manage to get their bundles that Halloween costume they had been negotiating all year. A bit pricey, but hey…Halloween is not every day, is it? Cool mums though get their magic wand out, sprinkle some fairy dust around the house, repeat three times a secret spell and a couple of hours later discover that sewing, stitching, chopping, gluing, cropping, colouring and painting may not be as tricky as they thought it would be.

As this lovely Halloween season is upon us (while it’s most likely that this roller coaster called motherhood won’t let us catch a breath), I thought that gathering earlier a few quick quirky ideas about how to end up with the coolest DIY costume for your tiny human would open up your creative mental box and spooky Halloweeny stuff will fly out of it (like those bats that went wild and free every time Batman came around – way before the new Batman aka witty Christian Bale took over the new Batman franchise while it is me or have you noticed too that once he showed up the number of bats went drastically down?! Hm, afraid they would steal his thunder…). So think bats and spiders, princesses and witches, movie twisted characters or Disney happy fairies, the sky is indeed your limit when choosing the theme, but be aware, yummy creative mummies, your hands can do real voodoo this Halloween!

Now let the inspiration wrap up your brain…


1. Thunder Boys

Check out Costume Works for the spookiest outfit if you want to win that Halloween party contest (London mums, I hope you are all ready for Allmumstalk Halloween surprise event! If you didn’t put your name down on the list, you can still do it, it’s free and I promise, lots of fun for you and your tiny human). I also just found this cutie too sweet to resist to! I’m pretty sure I’d make good friends with his parents or whoever came up with the idea of his outfit!


2. Tough cookies  

This would be the easiest trick up your sleeve (while still turning heads, getting an avalanche of compliments and making them all around do some noisy giggles) if work stays in your way of DIY a fancy costume. One thing you’ll need: your old eyeliner to create a cool beard and a tough tattoo so your job this year is done. Dad will be pleased. Really pleased.

              Photo source: Cool Moms Picks


3. Sea Creatures 

Have you got a baby/toddler with a genuine passion for dummies? Then your job is done once more (as soon as you paint a 2l coke bottle, attach it to the baby’s dummy, get a pair of goggles and voila, you got yourself the cutest diver ever).
allmumstalk diy halloween costumes          Photo source: Pintrest


4. Precious creatures

This is one of my all times favourite and I’m so tempted to try and do it myself. Check if there are any sheets laying around the house (or any old cloths). Don’t worry if you don’t have the right materials for creating the ears, cardboard would work just as well.

 Photo source: Pintrest


5. Cardboard spookies

It’s impossible not to find a cardboard box around the house considering how many toys and shoes you got yourself lately. Get your crafting skills ready as it’s time to crop and chop some cardboard. Be aware, it’s a messy job if toddlers crawl freely around. Your hoover may not be a happy bunny after this entire business…

             Photo source: Pintrest


6. Cool headbands grumpy spirits 

Check out Pretty Prudent if you want to go easy and fast crafting; headbands are pretty cool and not too sophisticated to do. The website is giving you a step by step tutorial so even the clumpiest of us all will manage to do successfully a little Halloweeny witchy hat!

     Photo source: Pretty Prudent


7. Book fairies 

Alright, I have to admit I’m mum to a toddler boy, but how I wish I had a tiny fairy right now! This book/ dress is way too funky and I would definitely award it with the best and coolest science project prize of this half term!

 Photo Source: A geek without braces 


So fun effortless cool mums, got any more wisdom to pour? I’m eager to hear you out! If thirsty for more creative fun ways to enjoy motherhood and its perks, follow Allmumstalk Facebook page or you can get lots of colourful ideas from my Instagram #allmumstalk (I am an Instagram junkie!). Cool mums also tweet they say, so throw at me your tips if braver (#allmumstalkhere) (although I’ll be honest, Twitter is not really my thing, but I am trying, so if you have any tips on this, give me a shout)! 😉

Have a delightful day everyone and let’s hope for a scary Halloween!

Ally x



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  1. i definitely want to attend your event!! sound amazing and I’ve been before to the mud chute farm, it’s pretty awesome! i look forward to your professional photo sessions

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