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A last minute Valentine’s Day edit

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I wasn’t sure how to name this article, because this year we haven’t been wandering everywhere across London like we used to in our golden days. Mainly because there’s always a distraction (or two: the toddler, the baby) and the nursery bugs. Oh, glorious nursery bags…

Yet, taking Anna at Anna Pawleta Photography out for a coffee always pays off! Here’s a tiny guide we’ve both put together (she was mainly in charge with pixels and I with calories, fair trade I’d say).

Here’s a few dear places and ideas for your Valentine’s Day I’ve got to research with my new assistant, Amelie, who’s already 5 months of wisdom, so hurry up and make the most of them!


1. Brunch at Nama’s in Notting Hill

If you haven’t taken your half to Nama Foods in the very heart of Notting Hill, well, what are you waiting for?  The restaurant believes in blowing away the common misconception that a raw, vegan diet is limited. I mean, have you tried their blueberry cheesecake? Amelie who hasn’t even started weaning yet, almost did ;))

This place is anything but simple ‘crudites and dips’. You have a generous selection of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, Pad Thai, umpteen desserts and drinks to choose from.

On your way out, if you want to impress your better half with a delightful guilty free treat, stop by the take away fridge and hook yourself with a tiramisu because I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…It’s better than the real thing!

Nama Foods Notting Hill motherhood London cafe restaurant

Read more about our brunch with Nama here.

Nama Foods Notting Hill motherhood London cafe restaurant



2. Pit stop at Peggy’s

It’s a no brainier why this place is always all over people’s Instagram. The pink, the cupcake, the heart door decoration, the hot chocolate heart on your cup, it’s all a real Pinterest delight. Peggy’s Porschen may be all bloggers’ paradise for photography, but it’s so much more than this. If you’re given a few cupcakes to eat while keeping your eyes closed, you’d know which in is Peggy’s 😉

Peggy’s porschen motherhood London cafe

Read more about our Peggy’s pit stop here.

Peggy’s porschen motherhood London cafe


3. Elan Cafe

Another new bloggers’ favourite spot must be Elan in Brompton Road (haven’t seen their Mayfair location yet). The flower wall may be the piece attracting everyone like moths to a flame, but the croissants are pure bliss. Especially the pistachio one, must try (it’s also a splash of colour to your insta post).

Elan cafe Brompton road London cafe

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Elan cafe Brompton road London cafe


4. Yum2three

‘Eyelashes are fluttering. Romance is in the air. Woo that special someone with a sensational Sweet Loving bake. Surely nothing says “I love you” more than not one, not two, but three pink velvet heart cakes smothered in strawberry rose-swirl frosting?’ That’s what the cool entrepreneur behind the brand says. And for a £19.90 delightful treat straight to your door, you could both have fun baking at home. Maybe let tiny fingers help out too if they’re part of the gang.


5. Silver Celebrations London

If you’re going for the above festive idea or a Peggy’s cupcake, why not spoil your loved one with a home-baked cake topped with one of these romantic silver plated candle holders. I’ve recently discovered Silver Celebrations London and it’s exactly what they say: this precious gift will be treasured and enjoyed at many celebrations for years to come. Perfect for someone you are really sweet on!

Any more suggestions? What’s on your list? 😉