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It was Cervical Cancer Prevention week in the UK, a Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust campaign, with the popular hashtag #SmearForSmear which took over Instagram by storm. A great initiative if you ask me, although I don’t regularly go for posts like this, if it manages to send the right message to at least one girl, then I declare myself happy.

I’ve read everywhere that cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet 1 in 3 is not attending their smear test. I had mine last month, although I must admit I had missed one in the previous years. I’m supporting this not only because I’ve lost dear ones, but because all women should know smear tests save lives, and by taking it we can reduce our risk.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable, and yes, NHS may be under a lot the pressure these days and a little too rigid when sending out letters with that basic piece of information on it, but the stories and private messages you’ve shared with me on Instagram have been more than comforting, some sad, some full of hope, yet learning from them all. Cheers to the ones who spread the word and make this subject less of a taboo.