Four years later…


It’s been 4 years since I was walking all across London with an almost 2 weeks overdue baby bump, while chasing pineapples and curry houses, hoping something would eventually help me pop. It’s been 4 years since those 3 long days of intense labour that I wasn’t sure I’d be willing to go through ever again. But I did and oh dear, I would again…

We survived the first year with its white nights, we embraced the first tooth drama, first crawl, first step, first smile, first night in the emergency room, first scary paracetamol dose, the long midnight feeding sessions; we successfully moved onto the terrible twos with their tantrums and playground dirt. We then reached the threenagehood with its fun bedtime story games and cheeky toddler lies. And now we’re four years deep into these parenthood – childhood affairs, trying to make the most of each new milestone.

We’ve celebrated each of his birthday, but for the first three years we kept it small, within the family. This year the birthday boy invited some of his closeset friends (gosh, it’s still hard to think of my child having a social life already, where has the time gone?!), we had space pizza and galactic cake, although he couldn’t really decide whether we should go entirely for the space theme or add his other boy favourites too: horsies, trains and choo choo trains.

The cake was by far one of the highlights of the party. Isn’t Instagram a wonderful place? I’ve ditched a few big bakery chain offers for a slice of Yum2Three delight and boy, weren’t we in for a big surprise…The baking team behind the brand is not only creating bespoke cakes, but they’re great on preparing baking boxes you could surprise a dear one with, they arrive at your door perfectly packed with top-quality ingredients, disposable pans and all the finest decorations you need to craft a showstopper.

To make it even more memorable, we’ve embellished the cake with gorgeous cake toppers from Silver Celebrations London, a tiny treasure to be added to his childhood memory box (scroll down for more on this unique gift and some lucky pixels).

When it came to kids corner, we had a face painter and lots of toys to keep them busy for one long afternoon. In terms of snacks, we went for healthy ones which included my favourite dried fruits from Clearly Scrumptious, lots of  toddler’s picks such as Organix rice cakes, biscuits and yummy drinks and smoothies from Pip Organic (a hit!).

Personalised Parties was an absolute eye catcher party pack I’ve ordered before, meant to highlight our space theme with party plates for galactic feasts, name the astronaut hats, cups for rocket fuel, personalised space party boxes for collecting moon rocks, party masks and food flags. They definitely put a smile on my kiddo’s face who was so eager to get everyone all set for a pretend rocket launch.

The goodie bags were filled with a mix of the above treats plus a luxurious tea gift, courtesy of  Small and Wild, a tea company set up by two amazing mums who have been carefully crafted it to perfectly suit little taste buds and tummies.

But I’ll leave you with this…

Like most little boys, Lucas was always fascinated by trains, so what better way to celebrate a train fan’s birthday than with a gleaming silver steam train making its way across their galactic cake?

One of the best features of this delightful set is that it’s made up of an engine, coal wagon and passenger carriages, each designed to carry a birthday candle. The engine is stamped with the number 1, perfect for a 1st birthday, the coal wagon carries the number 2 and the passenger carriages are stamped 3, 4 and 5 to take you up to the child’s fifth birthday, which means we’ll meet again next year! Not to mention they’re all handmade in Britain by lovely Vivi!


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