16 funky ways of how to use the ice cube tray

Ice, ice baby. Summer up with these cool ideas of how to use your ice cube tray.

Ok, I love this. I tried most of them and more Instagram and Pintrest proofs will soon follow. Whether you wish to make the dining table more colourful, look for ideas to prepare treats and impress your finest guests, here you have a few cool ways to creatively use your ice cube trays for.  

1. Flower your Water

This is one of my all times favourites! If you want to be the hostess with the mostess, then this is how to impress them all. I wish I used this at my baby shower and now I can’t wait for another girly event to show off my freezing skills ;). There are so many colourful edible flowers you can use.

A few tips it’s good to consider:

  • It’s better to use bigger ice cube molds because the cubes will melt slower in the drinks
  • Silicone ice cube trays make it possible to dislodge cubes in order to avoid breaking them


2.  Jazz the ice bucket 

Beautiful idea for summer garden parties, a colourful barbecue, and yes they will all be talking about your attention to details. Your wine will never look more glamorous.


3. Citrus lemongrass ice cubes 

Have this in your freezer at all times. It’s delicious for all types of summer drinks, from ice teas to cocktails.

Here’s a great recipe I tried myself. For extra visual flair, drop a fresh herb sprig, an edible flower, a slice of cucumber, a sliver of citrus, or a cherry tomato half into each mold, cover with lemongrass mixture and freeze.

  • ½ cup chopped fresh lemongrass (1 large stalk)
  • 2 tsp. honey
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • Herb sprigs, citrus slices, vegetable slices, edible flowers for garnish, optional
  • 1. Bring lemongrass and 1 2/3 cups water to a boil in saucepan over medium heat. Simmer 5 minutes. Stir in honey, remove from heat, and steep 30 minutes.

    2. Strain mixture, discard solids, and cool. Whisk in lemon and lime juices. Place garnishes (if using) in standard 16-slot ice cube trays. Pour in lemongrass mixture. Cover with plastic wrap; freeze until solid.


4. Ice cube Coffee  

Chill out on a hot day. Freezing coffee as ice cubes creates a richer way to enjoy a full tasting iced coffee drink for the duration of the drink. Get creative and start working on your own recipes, the list of ideas is endless. 


5. Ice sticks  

This is the alternative to my ice tray and the best way to get everyone happy, from children to grandparents. The photos say it all.


6. Ball ice cubes   

If you have a round mould ice cube around, work with it. I like making smoothies or sweet drinks, freeze them and have this:


7.  Baby fun 

Use your ice tray for creating some baby fun. If they are still at that age when they like to taste everything from little rocks in the garden and food bits from the floor, then this is a safe way to have them over a little taste and play fun in the garden’s swimming pool.


8. This is too cool  – don’t ice it, wax it

The internet is full of ideas of how to have your own fun with creating wax candles. There’s one of my favourite findings, so get romantic tonight 🙂


9. It’s no ice tray, it’s a food tray 

Get their lunch organised or even better help them learn how to create colourful lunches full of goodness. It’s a fun fun idea some of my friends shared with me and now I’m eager to get to this stage myself.

10. Glowing ice cubes 

Another cool idea. Mix equal parts Tonic water (that has quinine in the ingredients) with water. Add, additional flavors {lemon, lime, etc.} if desired. Freeze in ice cubes trays and turn the lights off. 


11.  Wise granola 

Making homemade granola bars has never been easier. They are the best snacks and also perfect for school lunches. The images are self explanatory 🙂


12. Mint infused ice cubes 

I’m mentioning this separately because really, it makes a difference to any drink you add it on. I love buying fresh mint from the market and when not using it all for teas or desserts, I put it in ice cubes and freeze it. Drinks become refreshingly beautiful.

13. Herbs in olive oil 

No better way to keep them fresher almost as in the day the farmer clicked them. Olive oil brings out their flavours and your pasta and risottos will be delicious.


14. Get fruity with your alcoholic treats 

Lemons and blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate, there are only so many to try. Your glass will look like a thousands bucks.

15.  Get chocoholic 

There are so many child friendly recipes where you can use fruit, especially the ones they are not too fond of. Mix them with a raw chocolate and they may not even notice. It’s worth a try!

16. Painting tray 

When you had enough fun creating amazing drinks for your delightful guests, pass it onto your children who I’m sure will make good use of it. Just try to stay more outdoors before it gets messy!


One ice cube secret I’m sure you’d appreciate is this:


Do you have any cool tips to share? You’re eager to hear you out x

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