Lists, celebrities & my friend Audrey


Lists. We all create them. Either for shopping or things to do, lists are usually and constantly present at the back of our mind and I always find them useful. I am that nutcase person who creates lists for everything, I started as a child writing down these bullet point ‘essays’ of pretty much everything.

I recently found some of my school old materials and a certain hand written list made me smile. My first choice of celebritities I wanted to be friends with. Needless to say how many times the undecided growing up version of me had amended it. Still Audrey Hepburn was always there, not erased, not crossed, not moved down the list. But of course, who wouldn’t love to have Audrey as a friend, she is one of the most inspirational women of all times…Also a devoted mother, partner, career woman, fashion icon, role model. 

Being quoted over and over again, I’ll now do the same as I gathered here my favourite inspirational lines.


1. Chocolate

It makes sense this would be my first choice as it is by far one of my favourite quote of all times. Yes, because there is some chocolate in it, inspirational chocolate I call it (not very diet friendly, but foodies would understand)…


2. You’re one of many hats…

…but before anything you are a woman.   


3. Love. 

The ingredient that spices life up. 


4. Life & love…

Never to run away from them two…


5. Power Woman.

A rule we all should obey…


6. I’m possible.

The most motivational quote of the day…

Who would you like to be friends with? 😉

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