5 ways to keep fit & healthy in the first trimester of pregnancy

Exciting beginnings are often overwhelming. Here’s 5 ways to help you through the first trimester of pregnancy…

Pregnancy is a glorious and fascinating period of time for us, women. If we don’t count the unbearable nausea, the midnight cravings, those endless trips to the bathroom which seem to happen mostly during work meetings, the baby alarm clock kicks at 4am or the sudden mood swings, pregnancy is indeed magical. Here’s how you can enjoy (what is sometimes the most difficult period for most women) the first trimester. Why am I suggesting this is the best time to start getting or working on keeping fit despite the nausea and lost of appetite? Well, good habits should start early and being fit not always about weight management.

1. Beautiful food. Beautiful you.  A healthy varied diet is the first crucial step towards an enjoyable time throughout your entire pregnancy. You’ve been looking for excuses all your life to improve your diet. There it is, now you have the best one, and while you may think it’s for your baby’s sake, this would actually benefit both of you. If nausea and throwing up didn’t already take over your entire schedule, you have to consider that a cheat treat here and there may not harm you or your future bundle of joy, however it’s important to stay away from sugars and junk carbs as much as possible. Although hard to believe in the early days of pregnancy, these bad choices would only lead to an increase of your pregnancy weight later and make your body retain unnecessary fluids. You’ve already got enough on your plate and ending up carring a baby the size of a watermelon won’t make the things any easier! My suggestion is for you to go for the colourful food, explore different tastes, make sure you’re not getting bored with only eating apples every day just because you heard they are good for you. Enjoy a delicious papaya slice, pour some passion fruit seeds over your muesli in the mornings, spice up your dinner with a beautiful bunch of bright green asparagus from the market, the posibilies here are endless. Don’t hesitate to spoil your taste buds as long as it’s fresh, colourful and pregnancy safe.

2. Water is a must, pregnant or not     Drinking water completes a healthy food diet not only during these beautiful 9 months, but trying to get into the habit of staying hydrated and also swapping juices to drinking more water will help you avoid tiredness and your skin will look healthier and radiant too. Try not to forget your bottle of water wherever you go especially in this first trimester as water helps reducing nosea and this means you can be able to nibble whithout forcing yourself (and healthy eating will give you the extra boost you need for the day). Also always remember: the more you exercise, the more water you should drink to keep you going.

2. Exercise keeps you cool  Now that you are pregnant, you don’t have to start kickboxing or running marathons especially if you weren’t the most active lady at the gym. Don’t even have to join one if you’re not a fan of intense indoors working out, but long strolls, a walk to the farmers market and maybe skipping a bus ride once in a while could help you achieve similar results. Once or twice a week a yoga session at the comfort of your own home or a class with other pregnant bellies could help you unwind and later in pregnancy this is a great help with the insufferable back pains. But don’t over do it in these first few months if you don’t feel as strong, instead find ways to restore your energy levels.

3. Sleep on it  So this part is as important as 1 and 2. Your body is growing a baby inside you and that’s not an easy job, especially in the beginning when your body is trying to adjust to hormonal changes, therefore good sleep must be rehearsed from these first few months. Make sure you keep any worries, mental shopping lists or negative thoughts to a minimum before going to bed, instead read a good book, take a relaxing scented bath, watch a movie, you get the idea. Try not to have any long chats with friends or work colleagues before napping as that may only make you plan, discuss, analyse people or situations and you’ll end up sleeping after midnight and that doesn’t count as an early night. 

4. Create a routine that works for you Either exercising lightly with your older children or going for longer walks with your partner, try not to overdo things or activities. Take everything step by step, don’t change who you are and don’t alter drastically and suddenly your daily schedule. It’s true, you’re somehow an oven to the tiny human growing inside and that’s pretty demanding and an increasingly bigger responsibility. The hormones are playing you up so your body temperature may also be going through changes, morning sickness doesn’t help much, therefore remember to take things as they come and try try try to reduce your stress levels to a minimum. Try working on healthier habits rather than working on sudden changes. 

5. Listen to your body. It knows its needs better than you think…  I think the best thing a pregnant woman could do is not eat for two because that’s what she keeps hearing around. Instead listen to your gut and act accordingly, with a few healthy habits one’s able to face the challenges this delightful pregnancy time brings…Although not scientifically confirmed cravings are welcome and they should not be ignored as it’s the body’s way of telling us there’s time to get some nutrients it may be lacking. Just don’t go for chalk or soap, we all heard some crazy craving stories! If so, best thing is to check with your doctor. 

Are you expecting? Any activities that efficiently work for you and your baby bump? Share your raw experience, but remember some of us are still new to this madly beautiful and demanding world called motherhood…

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