Top 5 London treats for mums

It’s time to unwind

When Mother Nature decided women were the ones to carry the physical responsibility of growing inside them tiny humans, didn’t give them an instruction manual too explaining how to handle their 24/7 needs once they’re born. It didn’t say much about the so often fighting feelings of inadequacy or confusion, didn’t help with the answers when questioning themselves whether they’re doing an acceptable job or they are the world’s clumsiest mums. Yet, ladies, we should all remain calm, it’s all delightfully natural, don’t doubt that! As I strongly believe there is no limit to what a mother can accomplish, I’m trying to come up with some fun ways of making this enticing job groovier and effortless while babies continue to grow and light up our days & nights, so here’s a list of my I-deserve-a-treat-once-in-a-blue-moon-because-I-am-a-loving-mum-wife-sister-worker-friend-lover-cleaner-cook-teacher-who-needs-recharging-her-batteries…

1. Movie date  Put your feet up, you’re going to the movies! Don’t forget to take the comfort of your home straight into the cinema room, choose one with pillowed beds & comfy couches, as who says that new parents have to give up old pleasures? There are several places which have screenings for parents and their babies to enjoy. Here’s a list of cinemas I tried that offer this.

  • Electric Scream! Screenings, for parents, carers and their babies under one year old, take place on Monday mornings at the Electric Portobello and Tuesday mornings at the Electric Shoreditch. 
  • Greenwich film club
  • Ritzy film club
  • Clapham film club 

2. Yoga for two Mother and Baby Yoga classes are becoming very popular and I know why I personally enjoy them so much. They are loads of fun and have an amazing benefit on both mums and babies alike being designed to aid mum’s postnatal recovery whilst engaging, bonding and relaxing with baby. Many spots have opened recently, so is Yummy Yoga where the trainers are helping mums to regain strength in the body, along with finding ways to open areas of tightness and find space for relaxation while exploring postures and practices mums can do with and without their baby so they can easily continue their yoga at home.  

3. Latino moves  Exercise, keep fit, have fun and bond with your baby whilst dancing to Latin rhythms. At least that’s what Latino Bambino is helping us, mums, to accomplish while our babies stay right there with us, snuggled in their baby carrier. These mum and baby salsa classes are also a great way to socialize with other mums and an opportunity to introduce your child to music and movement through dance. And the list is endless here, lots of cool locations thoughtout the city keep opening their doors to busy mums…

4. Paiting thy nails When you’re over tired and in need of a quick spirit uplifting treat but can’t find short notice help, don’t worry, I know just the spot for you. There are places like CoCo Nail Bar which are the ideal destinations for frazzled parents. Every Tuesday this sleek venue provides parents with a trained nanny so you can get spoiled and relax over a cocktail or glass of champagne. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for your buggy too, no need to trouble yourself folding it. The Signature Coco Manicure is a must, go for the ultimate treat, you deserve it, to give you a bit of energy and strength for all the sleepless nights about to come…

5. It’s treadmill o’clock  Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up things like changing your previous fitness routine so pushing the pram up hill doesn’t have to become your sole exercising activity. While there’s no help around, you can still stick with your gym program, there are places such as Virgin Active which have a creche for your baby and the Club V for your older children to keep them busy while you work on your postpartum body.

Click here for a list of additional places and activities for mums.

In a nutshell, mums, try to make fun part of your daily routine, there are ways…

If you know any other funky mummy friendly places, please share your experience and feedback with the rest of us 🙂

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