Razzle Dazzle New Motherhood & the 7 ‘fake it till you make it’ fashion principles


I always thought that effortless cool new mums are minor Olympian almighty goddesses, spellbinding mermaids from the deepest ocean waters or those charming spirits from my toddler’s bedtime fairy tale books. Yet, in reality, let me break it for you: they are just as rare as the lottery ticket winner. And if they really exist, how are they doing it day after day, year after year, looking groovy even during a messy baby bums’ wiping process? They are making us all, the other group of aspiring clumsy cool mums, slightly jealous and often tormented with our body line’s changes and even more aware of our ghastly eye circles which they seem to hide so very well.

When you become a mum, the chances are that you gradually start cheating on your high street outfits with a pretty cosy boyfriend lazy mix of loungewear, sometimes even borrowed from your better half’s wardrobe shelf. Yet the minute I woke up from this dream-like foggy overwhelming floating state (or how I like to call it, my cocoon/universe now ruled by a constantly hungry miniature mouth and sleepy eyes), I started wondering why the hell was I still wearing his floppy t-shirts now all that baby weight had pretty much vanished? If hot mum Sarah Jessica Parker managed to have found the secret of working out motherhood on sharp high heeled stilettos, then why couldn’t I at least try? I know, I know, she may be an intimidating fashion icon, probably too hyped-up, but hey, she’s also a mum (of three!) and if you want to do big, you have to dream big and keep an eye on the succeeding fellas.

So after almost two years of my own nifty motherhood experience and lots of observing (/honest stalking) and all other research on all mums’ around me, here I am standing, unable to get these cool nymphs’ secret, so I came up with my own strategy which seems to be working pretty well so far: the fake it till you make it attitude; it all starts with a few Lilliputian efforts towards a more creative functional wardrobe. In order to work on my slightly hurt self-esteem due to unexpected body changes after designing a tiny life inside and a few good months of being a shelter to mad hormones, here come the extreme measures of fighting the lazy loungewear in 7 successful fashion principles I’ve been embracing lately…


1.  Bright, bold & the little red dress

Yes, red, fuchsia red, hot pink, moss green, electric blue, this is not the moment to think about the little black dresses that seem to have taken over the wardrobe as safe and rather lazy choices. It’s high time to help your self-confidence get back on track and bright colours are one way to go when it comes to your wardrobe’s healing process. Avoid too much grey and the blunt colour palettes, they will not lift your spirits. Don’t worry too much about tired eyes and sore muscles, remember though they are not temporary as motherhood sleepless nights don’t stop when the babies start sleeping through the night, so do not use this excuse not to dress up when the opportunity arises especially on your occasional date with your better half. You should also book yourself an occasional high tea treat in places like the Palm Court of The Langham. If your spirits are now already up, you’ve at least enjoyed the best scone in town.

2. Unburying the designer: always be up for a bonny mix

If you are anything like me, then you must have had a genuine interest in buying at least a few cool designer clothing or accessorising articles before you, as nutty as a fruitcake, took on motherhood and the costing of nappies had started to scare off your bank account. It’s now time to get all those pretty things out of your hidden closet and put them to a good use. It’s time to mix and match as who has now the time to wander around the crowded mall’s shops with a loaded buggy the size of a Virgin airplane.

all mums talk


3. Smarten up accessorising act

Alright, you won’t be able to wear long chains of pearls and lots of glam rings around your fingers anymore if you’re a new or busy mum constantly on the go, so why not matching your tiny human to your fashion needs? Maybe not every day, but often enough for an Instagram colourful snap to make your day. Or turn a few heads while strolling together on the streets of buzzing Covent Garden.


4. A Pinterest day work out

As much as I wish every day was a Pinterest day, to me one day a week is more than enough to organise myself and clear my mind. You won’t believe how creativity works after scanning lots of cool ideas and how a fashion board can creatively help you organise your wardrobe according to your latest needs. Just try it, you have nothing to lose and I promise it works even during your bum & legs work out. You could only end up working out more 😉



5. Ditch roomy, make space for fitter

Unless you’re getting yourself ready for a second bundle, out with all the pregnancy baggy flabby garments your closet is still so full of! In with the fitter apparel (which I promise, it won’t ruin your self-confidence, but which could also make you work out a bit harder). Getting yourself lost inside an XXL shirt will not motivate you enough to move your bum to the gym or get involved in a buggy run with other mums, but the chances are it will hook you up to the couch (which is a no, no, no, no, no…!)


6. Mask the comfy

We all seek the snug, the homey and comfy does definitely feel good. However remember what the wise ones say: life begins at the end of your comfort zones and the magic surely does happen outside them. I’m not saying ditch the flats (a busy mum’s best friend!) or the warm parka you’re so fond of, yet mask the comfy look. Attach bold accessories and colours to your daily outfit and try having fun doing it. Take it as a weekly diverting task.


7. Yes, boosting confidence starts underneath…

Ask the French woman. I have several times bumped into these French alluring words: la séduction voilée, (or the veiled seduction) which I believe can give you a powerful confidence booster and no one needs to know your secret but you. And once in a while it can even create bonding opportunities if sharing it with your better half! I know we are all busy mums here, but hey…We need to start from somewhere. Underneath should be your first step towards a happier and more content you (constant note to myself). 

I used to work in the office of a top 5* London hotel where I thought my overall presentation was part key to a successful relationship with my clients and colleagues. You can only imagine the turnover my life took once the tiny creature who shortly took over our bed, our house and our lives. From high heels straight to flats, from designer shirts to buggy clothes, my bruised self-confidence was something I felt I had to work on. Tried a few tricks, but nothing seemed to work on a longer term, so I decided to fake it till I made it. What’s your story? 🙂


Ally x



P.S. An Allmumstalk tip: Perfection is never the key! Silly toddlers, fun kids and witty mums are the ingredients for a successful live-it-to-the-max day…



What am I wearing today?

Maxi red dress from Coast  

Red dress from Ted Baker

Ted Baker shoes

What is he wearing?

Well, Star Wars Crocs as he would refuse anything else…

Baby Gap one piece outfit to make sure none of my outfits is matched…It matches though a very messy motherhood and its lots of fun colourful imperfections…


Hands up for my cool London mum & talented photographer


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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together! 

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