Tiny creatures, spooky goblins & perky merry fairies…


…aka Allmumstalk 1st networking event…

I remember last Saturday vividly. Not because it wasn’t so long ago, but because for the very first time in almost two years I organised a networking event after having spent two nights completely awake for the silliest reason a mother can admit to herself: a super sugar high toddler (for which I’m partially guilty; it was worse as it was his very first contact with this sweet devil!). Although, I don’t believe this was the most terrible thing that have happened to me as my zombie mood took away all those nerve wracking kind of feelings and had no time to worry about what would happen if no one turned up or if the rain would spoil our plans (which eventually managed to meddle with our event affairs!). Yes, I was afraid that you, cool mums and joyful bundles, would get scared away by the forecast, but you did come and gave me a reason to smile…And thanks you, cool dads, for joining too!

Here are the photos the threatening clouds didn’t manage to spoil completely (because we, powerful mums who can face all sorts of dreadful situations from fierce tantrums to sugar high toddlers, didn’t allow the weather to stay in our way). A big thank you to Ania Pawleta, our amazing photographer who saved the day despite the grey cool air which didn’t give us much freedom to take the tiny humans around the beautiful Mudchute Farm and photograph them with the funky animal creatures. Next time I hope!

Furthermore, despite imperfect timings, a poorly functioning baby brain and ghastly eye circles, I think the event went pretty well. I have to thank everyone who participated in the raffle for the Radio Lollipop charity. All donations will go to Evelina Children’s Hospital (I must apologise I couldn’t project much during all that time I had with you, yet I hope you enjoyed yourselves and fingers crossed there will be a first Christmas event too)! After going though several blogging stages (which I only started fairly recently) from a complete online silence to a beautiful increase of parent followers, I decided it was high time for an Allmumstalk event. And what better occasion than celebrating with some Halloween treats and a gathering of spooky spirits, wicked witches and these merry fairies Ania managed to immortalise?

Hands up for my very first guests, the Harry Potter’s most talented assistants!

Cool mums & cheeky bundles. Greeeat colour match!

The cutest most adorable Black Swan soon to give us ballet lessons x


Fashion, colour, style and Halloween glam siblings 😉

Baby faces x


Halloween sweet spooky treats a la Mihaela’s Cakes

Oh, I remember these little fellows…


Scary finger bloody biscuits


Be aware, he’s coming 🙂


What do you think about Leo, the Lion who got the best costume award and with it a free amazing Christmas family photoshoot with the cool Ania Pawleta Photography?

The nicest couple with a 3 old cheeky toddler who is always on the run…

And always too busy to pose 🙂

Look, here comes the Fairy of them all!

These wellies! Rain ready 😉

The girl knows her magic, so trick or treat 😉

Oh, this cutie and her scary spider…

The glam witch mum and her tiny pumpkin, love it x

There you were, Riush!

…so I won, now take off my costume, said the tiny human…

Someone took away my mask…:(

…but I’ll surely find out who!

Was it you, little fellow skeleton?

There you were, Riush!!

The Princess is getting her magic spells ready…

No trick or treat?

The amazing super mum, Thai massage, doula and lactation expert, Carolina with her lovely daughter, who gave away a free massage to a lucky mum 🙂

The sweetest look! And those socks!! x

Watch me roar!

Little Yoda got a date!

Pumpkin cutie pie!!

The yummy mummies 


Again, what would Halloween be without any sweet pumpkin pies?

Roooaaar, he said 😉

Daisy and her fun crocodile alter ego!

Having fun?

The cutesssst ladybug! Red is definitely her trendsetter colour!

Don’t worry, mum, you got me, I got your hat!

The poser!

Cool bundles, cool hats 🙂

Watch my tiny smiling feet!

Leo, the brave Lion

Myself & my two #allmumstalk assistants: tiny Yoda & his cool dad, also known as my better half…;))

Pay attention, her glance is charming everyone 🙂

Who would have guessed these two gorgeous ladies are mother and daughter? 🙂


Yes, I know what you are all thinking…These eyes will soon break some hearts 😉

Those cheeks, that smile…

I’d like to thank again my sponsors for their great support with the raffle x

Ania Pawleta Photography

Mihaela’s Cakes

Nama Foods

Blue Carrot Art

Water Wipes


Organic Babies Green People

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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together!

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