Motherhood in dainty dresses…


It’s freezing outside. The toddler doesn’t seem to care, he’s ready for roly-polies down the hill, but my uncovered frosty arms tend to disagree. I feel though the urge to escape my working from home soft pjs, to get away from the house where comfort is indeed a mum’s best friend, also heavily goofing around with my self-confidence.

It’s been a while since I dressed up like in the old good days before nappies, dummies, beetroot puree and crushed baby biscuits in my each and every bag. So today no sweat pants or evil leggings which are slowly taking over the wardrobe anyway, but a charming dress and sharp high heels  (plus some unbalancing here and there due to toddler’s constant bouncing around which I try hard to ignore).

Here goes a more unusual walk in the park documented by the graceful London mum & photographer Anna Pawleta, hopefully able to inspire any future events you may have (I need someone to get married soon so I can have a pretty good excuse and motivation to get myself into this colourful outfit once again!)


For the snoopy ones, here’s the clothing that changed my day…

I’m wearing  

Ted Baker floral swirl bodycon dress

Burberry clutch

Topshop stilettos

Marc Jacobs sunglasses

He’s wearing

Monsoon suite

Zara baby ankle boots

Polarn O. Pyret woollen romper layer 1 (because it’s freezing!)

The buggy is Baby Zen (just mentioning it again as so many parents stop me in the streets asking me more about it; and yes, it has lights!)


  1. I just wish more sunny days are coming because I was freezing! You’re such a lush mum, thanks for following my post! Xxx

  2. Love your photos, really fab. Your dress is beautiful and your son looks so cute in his little suit!

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