5 tricks for the non fashionista mum


There are women who have such a creative eye for mixing and matching clothing articles. They know their materials, the clever cuts, the bold prints, the smart accessories that do the tricks. Fashion is indeed a creative field of choices, but if you don’t play by the rules, you may either become the trendsetter or easily become the persona non grata of the game.

Then there are women like myself, always hiding under oversized tops and baggy coats continuously blaming on the lack of time and sleepless nights. What can I say, motherhood made me do it! Yet, when it comes to special events I pull myself together and forget about leggings, XL shirts and cosy knitwear. I get out the stilettos, I look for pretty dresses (always find it easier to manage one piece clothing).

Here’s my latest outfit example for a social or family event which should come in handy for all mums out there who are struggling to match, mix, create, recreate etc plus 5 tricks to make a successful outfit. Oh, the toddler is pretty much my most valuable accessory as he’s matching my everything…(but if you seriously think of getting one, remember he also adds fingerprint marks and messy stains so save your dress).


1. Follow window displays

This may sound like an obvious thing to do, yet not many are following it, it is the easiest trick and you simply can’t go wrong with this strategy. I’ve seen this Ted Baker dress on a display in a mall shop when I instantly fell in love with it and we became almost inseparable friends (enters toddler…).


 2. One designer accessory to match them all

One ritzy clutch, one chic pair of sunglasses, one, well alright, more than one pairs of shoes to compliment the rest of the outfit. If you have this sorted in your wardrobe, then for your next event it will be easier to cleverly dress up.


3. Stay away from layers

…If you can. Go simple.

One beautiful dress is easier to wear than a skirt which requires a top; then you have to put a bit more thinking into matching both starting from colours, materials, patterns etc. Don’t overcomplicate things, remind yourself that the person who said simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication was indeed a genius of all times 😉


4. Be the season

Follow the seasonal colours. Now it’s spring so I can’t think of any better patterns than this gorgeous fuchsia giant flowers. It makes people turn their heads (thanks to Ted).



5. Be yourself

It may sound childish, but sometimes when trying out different looks, you may forget to stay true to yourself. This is not a game to impress, (although it feels nice sometimes when compliments are flowing), is definitely not a competition, but a tiny help which makes your self-confidence grow so you can give back a little bit in return to your tiny humans (a mum in a good mood is always a better one so get yourself a pretty dress and stop thinking about puffy eyes and messy hair buns).

I’m wearing

Ted Baker dress

Topshop stilettos

Burberry clutch

(A swanky designer coat that I should be wearing during cold days at photoshoots, brrrr)

He’s wearing

Monsoon suit

Zara baby ankle boots

His cheekiest smile

Thanks, Ania, (Anna Pawleta Photography), for the coolest shots despite the freezing air!

I now look forward to receiving your honest fashion tips for all non-fashionistas like myself here!


Aly  AllMumsTalk x

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