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Tiny little things are dainty as tiny is always the cutest. On the other hand, personalised tiny little things are truly the ones that could make some delightful memories. Today there are so many choices when it comes to personalised gifts for a tiny person. I’ve just come to realise that I have been a mother for over 2 years now and I must say it is never easy to quickly find a dinky perky something that is not only good value for your money (gosh, aren’t children an arm and a leg sometimes?!), but high quality and enticing presentation too. An element of good surprise wouldn’t hurt either.

Here’s an online gem I found a while ago (called Tiny Me) and here’s myself and my toddler reviewing quite a few of their quirky items I’m about to share with you, cool mums, bumps and lovely bundles (as usual, here’s the gentle reminder that I am only reviewing the brands I personally use and love on a regular basis).

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I hope none of you will mind my toddler’s meddling throughout the review. Had a great time photo shooting some of his favourite almost ‘toys’: a fun personalised blue backpack with enough storage for all the little things they love to carry around, and a clever water bottle.


Personalised backpacks

What a winner! Pretty much one of the most charming little things on their cool website. I thought it may be a little bit too big in size for a 2yo toddler, yet he finds it perfect. It goes well with all his activities, nursery wise is so efficient, no baby bag for me to carry around anymore! Wipes, toys, snacks, booklets, pretty much anything can go inside.



Personalised water bottles

This water bottle has a clever opening and closing system in order to avoid any unwanted spillages. The presentation is simply adorable and I had a lot of fun going through the countless design options. Dinos for us this time 🙂



Wooden name blocks

This is one of my favourite wooden items I actually bought more than a year ago while Tiny Me was working on a Kickstarter campaign in order to release it. It’s fun and although Lucas is just a toddler, he often likes taking it out and making letter connections by himself. Good wooden material, it also comes with a case to help you keep all pieces together (although I must say it did take me ages to find all pieces as I didn’t use the case, so bear in mind: after playing, get organised and put everything away!)


Iron-on labels

I just got these cuties and they really stick on well onto his clothes. I am still waiting for a wash to see how they behave, yet I am sure they will be fine as quality wise, they seem pretty sturdy.


Personalised name books

Funnily enough, I got this as a present on Lucas’ christening. He loves it and the story is quite entertaining for the adults reading it too. Colours are vibrant, images and details are pretty fun to watch.


Personalised canvas

Here’s a lovely wall item to cheer up the nursery. I truly love it and the options of personalising it are endless.


Have a look on their website which is really fast and reliable. There is also a Tiny Me blog for more inspiration and cool colours (don’t tell anyone, but I am a stalker of their Instagram).


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