Postpartum Confidence


‘Because she competes with no one, no one competes with her’


We may not all live by Tao Tsu’s wise guidelines, but we all know a thing or two about confidence and the lack of it. Especially after bringing a baby into the world. Silly fears of the mind mixed with sleepless nights and physical pains could have the power to shake even our strongest inner beliefs making us doubt ourselves like never before and often, the very close people around us.

Six weeks after giving birth to a second baby I realised I’ve let myself overwhelmed with questions like will I ever fit into the wedding dress (Do I even have to?!), will I ever be able to hit the beach without covering myself with tens of layers to hide all the curvy things all beauty and fashion magazines keep photoshopping? Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to keep the job, the man, the child and life at pace? Will the other half find me the same? Will he even notice the fluffy muffin top? If so, will he care much? While I understand it’s all mostly in our heads, I know there’s new mums out there who constantly need the reassurance that things were, are and will be fine. This post is to celebrate postpartum confidence which is not always easy to recover, but mandatory to try get it whether it’s about our body or mental health.

With a few tiny tricks though I feel we can all manage to speed up the process and get to enjoy fuller days in motherhood (fuller indeed as there’s now double the tiny soles and beetroot fingerprints all over my once white walls and floors). First trick is to book yourself a treat and feel 0 guilt about; then relax your mind. Spend more time in the outdoors, even with the lack of real sunshine, the mood is rapidly changing for the best. Read a book, nap, call a friend for an old gossip, eat the cupcake, go for a walk, go for a run. Time and energy resources may now be extremely limited, but working around them is what a mother knows best.

Last week I took Anna and her magic new lens and went for the fattest cupcake and hot chocolate combo, followed by another fat cupcake and a hot chocolate in Central London 😉

But let’s talk some postpartum fashion!

In case you were wondering where is my outfit from (I know you were ;)) I’d like to thank Ricia Clothing for the most delightful dress that is perfect for breastfeeding.

Julia Rose Brownlee is a brilliant mum who launched RICIA this year after finding it impossible to buy anything luxurious to wear to weddings and occasions while breastfeeding her two little ones.

RICIA’s classic styles mean they can be worn for years to come and all have the option of discreet breastfeeding. While Julia Rose would love for all mamas to feel comfortable getting their boobs out in public, she would never want to exclude the women who don’t.

A £10 donation will be made with each purchase to the gorgeous charity Mummy’s Star which supports women diagnosed with cancer during their pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. This charity is close to Julia Rose’s heart as she saw the effects cancer treatment had on her beautiful mother, and simply couldn’t imagine going through that while pregnant or trying to figure out life with a new baby.

RICIA is all about supporting other women, and we are so happy we can support Mummy’s Star.

Peggy’s Porschen is the place that keeps the cupcakes coming and the hot chocolate running while being a blogger’s dream shoot location. Anna Pawleta surely enjoyed our randez-vous with 5 weeks old Amelie.

‘A wise girl knows her limits.

A smart girl knows she has none’


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